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Where to get MCA Platform Driver for Panasonic Toughbook CF-H1

Dear All,

I use the MCA SDK V2.1 on my Panasonic toughbook CF-H1 controlled by Visual Studio 2008 c#.

When I wanted to distribut the barcode application that I wrote to the Panasonic tough book, I saw unther Program files, that the MCAPD driver installed on the system was from 2008 and was file version 2.0

After searching some time on the internet, I could not find any version for the Panasonic touch book newer than version 2.0.3 which absolutely is not working with an SDK V2.1 as stated in the developer guide pg 30

RFID Handler in a Background Java Application

Hi to all,
I deployed a simple java application able to capture RFID event (and show me RFID tag information) when form has focus.
I would to create an application in my system tray that capture RFID events too. The problem is when my application losts focus, because i see another form (ToolTray Form that show RFId ID and Data).
Why my application can't capture the same event?
Is it possible?
Can I use ONLY my application whithout show ToolTray Form?
Thanks to all,

How to copy MCA configuration files to other systems

Is there a way to apply a Intelhealthcare.cfg across multiple platforms?

I created a configuration file that modifies the timing of the RFID reader, as well as mapping of the button location.
However when we move it to another device with the same exact image, the button handlers (camera, barcode) no longer function, and we have to revert the settings back to default mode.

Is there something that we are missing? Or is this a limitation of MCA? Given the fact that the CFG file is pertinent to the machine that it was created on.

Rfiddefaultbuttonhandler example fails to compile

I'm having some issues on the toughbook mca.

The Rfiddefaultbuttonhandler example fails to compile in 2005 and doesn't work in 2008 because of the runtime mayeb.

The examples all crash on the toughbook because it can't load some missing dll. It happens when I new a Button.

If I copy my sdk dlls to the device it runs but that breaks the rfidscannign. It will run and register the callback however.

please help!

How to get new Barcode Scanner Interface hardware supported by MCA

What is the interface used to the barcode scanner hardware?

My company develops barcode scanners and has an existing API. I would like to provide a driver to bridge between MCA and my scanners API.

What's the best way to accomplish this?

This interface should be transparent to applications and the BC API will remain the same.

After doing some research I've determined that I need the "MCA Plug-In Development Kit", from where can I get this?

Tom Conticello

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