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Multiple configurations for 1 symbology type in MCA

Is it possible in MCA to support multiple configurations for filtering out data that is being scanned by the barcode reader?

For example:

Code 128: ]C00006027501

The data is filtered out to 0006027501

Code 128:]C10100304096729242

The data is filtered out to 0409672924

Since the string lengths vary however the symbology type is the same, would it be possible to create a filter within MCA?


Barcode and empty string in zero

I have a problem with the Intel.Healthcare lib using .NET ( 2.0 or 3.5 ) (C#) v2.0.1

Take the "BtnBarcodeDemoNet" project example coming with the SDK installation. After I used the shift+F1 shortcut, every label/textbox inside the forms shows '0' when string.empty was setting.

It's occurs in this example but also in my programs on my PC and on a tablet where MCA SDK is installed.

I tried using v1.11 but I got the same problem.

Thank's for your help

Image upload Javascript

I write a web application, and i want to make a "one button" solution for the camera:
In the web page is the camera live image, and a "capture" button.
After pushing the button, the camera make a image, and i want to upload this image.
From the example, i create the html with javascript and activeX, but with the frame.RawImage data the javascript nothing can do.
It's not a simple type, not a object, and the typeof returns "unknow".

JPG as the default format in the Camera module of the Intel MCA Runtime

Dear all,

A customer is using the existing Camera module of the Intel MCA Runtime 2.0 on a Motion C5.

As anyone ever been asked to change the default file format from (*.BMP) to (*.JPG) in the camera module of the Intel MCA Runtime ?

Ive both browsed the IntelHealthcare.cfg file and the MCA Configuration Tool with no success.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Best regards,

PS : It would be great if we could amend this parameter directly from within the MCA Configuration Tool ! :-)

Barcode Scanning Code Not running on Motion C5


I have Motion C5 with MCA version installed in it and Intel MCA SDK 2.x for .net installed on the development environment.

I had modified one of the barcode scanning example which was provided with the SDK, just to test it on Motion C5.

The barcode scanning functionality is running properly on the development environment but it closes the application unexpectedly when we run it on Motion C5.

Camera & RFiD & Barcode reader problem

Hello Everyone,

I have a Motion C5 and I am running Windows XP. the camera, READ, and Barcode reader all don't work and I re-installed MCA a few time, already. Right nowI have version installed. It was an update I found on Motion's website.

In Motion Dashboard, under Pen and Tablet, the camera, RFID reader and barcode scanner are enabled. They are also enabled in the BIOS.

This is the error that I get when I press the camera, RFID or Barcodebutton:

Problem reading Tag-it HF-I (ISO 15693) tags with Panasonic MCA CF-H1


I have problem reading Tag-it HF-I (ISO 15693) tag with the rfid reader of new Panasonic MCA CF-H1 with the Intel MCA Platform Driver

The embbebed reader is a OMNIKEY cardman 5x21-cl 0.

With thw "Omnikey Diagnostic Tool" software, the tags are readed correctly, but the Intel MCA software show the error "No tags found".

Other tags type, for example ICODE-SLI are readed correctly by Intel MCA software

The versin of the Intel MCA Platform Driver is version 2.0.0 compiled 25057

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