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Error to test RfidDefaultHandler DHDK example

I am trying to test the RfidDefaultHandler example provided by DHDK.
It is built fine (the dll is generated correctly) with my Visual Studio 2008 C++ and Net framework 2.0

The next thing I do iscopy the Release version of RfidDefaultHandler.dll in bin directory of MCA installed root (previously saving the original RfidDefaultHandler.dll in another directory) and click in "Reload MCA Application Configuration" in MCA Configuration Editor.

audio perception and sterotyping

i downloaded the MCA sdk and got a problem instaling the dotnet frame due to invalid security certificate wonder if i could get help,my aim is to run an alg using the java speech API to detect i.e stigmatising and inappropriate words that would help in diagnosing stereotypy and other socially unacceptable behaviour,an intel audio programer API was invaluable in porting my application to the hardware abstraction level,and a berkeley whitepaper described a coarse-grained traffic analysis paradigm

Rfid reader JAVA applicattion


Im trying to do an applicattion in java that reads rfid tag on the tablet pc. I begins proving the sdk demo but it doesnt run...i see that the folder only have the file and a manifest... i think the cause is that ive to compile other files but there isnt no readme file on this folder...i would know how could i make it.


Intel MCA Platform Driver - MEI Panasonic

I am working with Panasonic CF-H1 Tablet PC (MCA) that uses Intel Platform Driver - MEI Panasonic Beta. Operating System is Microsoft Windows XP Sec. Edition. The RFID reader of the CF-H1 MCA scans iCODE RFID Tag(Philips) sucessfully. But it is not able to scan type of RFID Tag -it HF-I. How can I scan type of Tag-it HF-I? Are there any restrictions on RFID tag standarts for Panasonic CF-H1? How can I solve this problem?

Can MCA camera support portrait and landscape mode?

When rotating the Motion C5 or F5 90 degrees so that it can be used in portrait orientation, the camera feed is not rotated.

This prevents us from being able to capture video or photos in portrait mode.

The easiest way to see the problem is to rotate the screen and then press the camera button.
Ideally, the camera feed should be rotated to match the tablet's orientation.

Has anyone found a solution or have a workaround for this?

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