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Help reading data from rfid data blocks and returning it as keyboard emulation


I am trying to modify the WindowlessRfidDefaultHandlerImpl.cpp to make it work a bit differently.
Basically I do not want it to return the RFID UID but the data in the tag.
I am struggling and I have very limited amount of time.

Basically I do not understand how to mix these things together to achieve what I explained:

RF_SetDataReadRange(mRfidHandle, 21, 10);

stat = RF_GetTagData(mRfidHandle, tagHandle, tag->data, &tagDataSize[bcd->data.rfid.count]); // I took this from DefaultHandlerImpl.cpp

MCA Java, is a JFrame/window required ??

I'm trying to make a background process/service that will capture the data acquired from Barcode scanner/RFID/Camera, etc on a Panasonic H2(or Motion F5for that matters)...

I'm altering the buttenDemo to strip out all the GUI code and it fails with an error when I try to
add the listner.

I guess as a second part to the question is...

All I need to do is capture the data, format it in XML and send it off to an IP port.
Is there any examples of aneasier way to do it ??

How can I use both cameras in motion tablet F5v?

I've an
F5v tablet from motion computing. What i like to do, is working paralel with
both cameras (to take a picture), one at the front, one at the back
side. The mca sdk provides two kinds of constructors for the camera. If I
use the first one (camera(), without parameters), I only can operate
the back camera (or the front camera, if I change parameters in config editor). Maybe it is possible with the second constructor. There
I can put in an devicefriendlyname, but I'm not sure about this and the

MCA Camera Preview TImeouts

A customer of mine in Colombia has integrated their application with the MCA to embed camera functionality. THey have developed using the MCA SDK. Everything works great, except that the preview times out at random intervals. It is set ot 15 seconds in the MCA Config, but in practice, it is sometimes 15, sometimes 2, or 8. The timeout period experienced does not follow a pattern - that is, iot does not get progressively shorter, for example. It seems wholly random, but not more than 15 seconds.
Is the code below that is used to implement the function flawed?

using System;

Java - NullPointerException in VersionCheck.getJavaVersionInfo

Hi all- I've been working the past few days on refactoring a Java RCP application to run on the C5v tabletyet running into an issue that has me stumped. I was hoping someone might be able to offer some words of wisdom or point me towards something/someone who might be able to.

Specifically, I'm getting a NullPointerException as follows:

Way to disable the sounds which Intel MCA is making on certain actions?


I would like to know if there is a way to disable all or some of the sounds, the Intel MCA makes after certain actions. For example, I'm using the Camera-API within Java, and when I capture a video frame, there is some "camera shutter sound" coming up.

So, is there a way to disable those sounds, e.g. via the MCA configuration, or maybe a workaround (deleting the sound-files? Where are those located)?

Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards,


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