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Multiple Browse actions do not work reliably


I'm developing a control point for a Home Automation package using the .NET SDK. I have been able to successfully detect and partially browse MediaServers on my network. I'm using the InvokeSync method from the UPnPService class to execute a "Browse" action on a MediaServer. When I do successive "Browse" actions I don't reliably get responses. The first "Browse" gets a response, but subsequent "Browse" actions respond intermittently. The InvokeSync method just hangs when there is no response.

Problem with ILibLinkedList code, generated by IntelDevice builder

Hi all

I have been developing a UPnP device, using the Intel UPnP device builder 'Build: 1.0.1868.18043'. In the developed code I am making use of the linked list support in ILibParsers.h. However I am not getting expected results if I remove the last element of the linked list. Attempting to add subsequent elements to the tail of the linked list then fail.

Below is the source to void ILibLinkedList_Remove(void *LinkedList_Node) as generated by device builder

void ILibLinkedList_Remove(void *LinkedList_Node) {

Intel UPnP Tools dosen't work questions.


I have a problem that can't play audio and vedio files which found in UPnP Media Server Mediatomb in Intel UPnP Media Renderer.

I am trying to build a UPnP Media Server and Renderer in my computer. I setup Intel UPnP SDK andselect "Mediatomb" as the Medai Server under Linuxon FC4, use Intel AV Media Controller and AV Media Renderer as Renderer on windows.

Intel Device Builder and vendor specific service

I am trying to define Upnp device using Intels Device Builder.

Besides services, defined by Upnp forum, it should have two vendor specific ones.

When I enter into Device Builder UI, I expect serviceId element being compiled in accordance with upnp specification;

Instead, tool builds device description template with serviceId value:

Could you please help me to get around this problem?

Escaping xml before raising event

Hi,I have a media Renderer which is trying to generate AVTransport.Evented_LastChange events.If I set this to a fully escaped XML string, such as (VB.NET code)AVTransport.Evented_LastChange="",the event appears in Device Spy as:So far so good.However, I need to see the following event string in Device Spy:">ie, the escaped XML within my speech marks hasn't been touched.But if execute this code:AVTransport.Evented_LastChange = """>"Device Spy reports the following event:">and this isn't what I want.How can I send a correctly formatted string from my Renderer so that certain text doe


Hi,Let's assumeI am using the an auto-generated c# renderer stack, have an application which is receiving setTransportURI() and play() commands from a control point, and I have initiated playback within the renderer.When my renderer finishes playing the song, what code should I execute toinform the controlpoint so that it can setup playback of the next item?In the UPnP AV Architecture doc, on page 11, the general interaction diagram isn't explicit in showing how the Control point knows the song has ended on the Media Renderer.....I'm sorry if this is a stupid question!By the way if anyone h

Upnp use cases.... general help

Hi again,Is it just me or is there a strange absence of online info with regards to developing standard uPNP media servers/renderers/control points.Sure there are white papers and specifications, but nothing you can grab and get quick answers. Where's all the on-line forums (this one is easy to find but is like a bone-yard)?I've used the Intel DeviceBuilder to create + export stacks based on servers and renderers running on my computer.

Cover art and UPnP.

Hi Rich and all,I've been learning upnpfor a couple weeks now, and using the SDK I'm now seeing my test metadata being passed from my CDS to my renderer from 3rd party control points.... sweet! Transport events are also working.Next, I would like cover art to appear on this control point. However I have no idea how this whole concept works in the upnp world....I see within a track container an element called .....what do I put inside this?

VB.NET port from c#

Hi,I'm just starting to experiment with upnp....I used Device Builder to create a C# stack for a Media Server.But I prefer to use VB.NET, so I ported the code (I thought succesfully)..The CDS runs, is appearing in DeviceSpy, and I can invoke Browse etc, but all parameters are inputs, ie. no data is ever returned.Does anyone have a sample that they've ported to VB.NET?? Could DeviceBuilder be changed to export VB code?I'd love to attach my project to share, but it seems I can't....Thanks for listening anyway!

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