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Where is the documentation for the c# UPnP Stack?


I am having a great amount of trouble locating any solid info on the .Net UPnP stack. The media server example application that comes with the sdk doesn't really show much at all. Is the source available for the stack? It appears that it might have been included in the SDK at some point, but I can't find it in the current SDK. Any help would be most appreciated.


Intel Device Builder UPnP SDK

I've just started using the Intel UPnP SDK (Build: 1.0.1868.18043), and i'm having some problems getting a simple device working. I already have the UPnP Design By Example book for reference but its examples are in Linux.

I'm having trouble getting my device stack to generate a unique UDN per instance (hopefully by MAC address and time). In the sample programs provided I noted that they used the rand() function. However I'd rather have a way to associate the UDN to the device.

UPnP Service ID

I just downloaded the Intel NMPR tool. Included with the tool is a sample Media Server (Intel Digital Media Server Simulator). One thing is strange to me, why is the service ID for ConnectionManager: urn:upnp-org:serviceId:urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ConnectionManager instead of theCORRECT service ID:urn:upnp-org:serviceId:ConnectionManager. Isn't this specified in the UPnP standard?

Device Spy and Device Builder Devices

(Using a C# exported device from device builder)

I'm having a problem seeing devices built by device builder (version 1.0.1725.27554) with device spy (versin 1.3.1768.24086). I also cannot see messages with Device Sniffer (version 1.0.1768.24081) from these devices.

The only difference I can tell between the devices that I can see and cannot see is that the devices I cannot see use HTTP 1.1 in the headers instead of HTTP 1.0.

Re: UPnP devices are not responding to M-Search Request (when starting Device Spy for e.g)

Hi all,

I do have the same problem that Emmanuel describes in this thread : launched Upnp devices never get found by CP programs executed earlier...

I am using Intel toolkit to generate C# devices (Intel Authoring Tools for UPnP Technologies (Build 1725), Intel Tools for UPnP Technologies (Build 1768)).

As proposed by Patrice in a previous post, I have tried to set the HTTP/ 1.1 Support and/or Upnp/1.1 activated before I generate my device c# code with device builder app

nothing has changed :

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