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Building OpenCV based embedded application using Intel® System Studio.


OpenCV is the most prominent computer vision library and many embedded applications are built using features of OpenCV.   It is filled with a lot of features for performing tasks like image registration, tracking, classification and much more. An easy way to improve OpenCV application performance on Intel Architecture is to re build using components of Intel® System Studio like Intel® C++ compiler and Intel® IPP.

I have published an article about how to use Intel® System Studio to build the OpenCV based embedded application on Intel platforms.

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how to run linux and nake running program simultaneously on different core respectively

Dear all

We are developing embedded program. We are using multi-core intel cpu. We want to run nake running program on the specific core on which there isn't operation system. And running Linux operation system on other cores. Please tell me if it is possible and which sdk or tools I should use to realize this requirement.

Alternatively, though the linux operation system running on all cores, if I can use the specific core just to run one application program. I think we can realize the requirement.

Please tell me how to realize the above requirement.

Change UART debug port on BLDK


I’m currently working on the Intel Shell Bay board. With the Boot Loader Development Kit or modifying a file, is it possible to configure another UART than UART_SIO (ref X16 on the board), which works with the Super IO, because I want to debug the board on the UART0 (ref X19 on the board), which works with the Platform Controller hub (EG20T).

In fact, when I change the BLDK configuration, nothing changes on the board. I tried to modify “Internal connector Designation”, “External connector Designation” and “IOH Serial Port No :” but still nothing.

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