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gcc and g++ issues


I am using Intel's System Studio on an embedded Fedora 14 64-bit OS. I have sourced the so the compiler's enviroment should be completely set up. I attempt to compile a simple "Hello World" C++ file using the comand "icpc helloworld.cpp" and I get this error in return : "icpc: error #10001: could not find directory in which g++ resides". I have looked locally for a gcc or g++ files but to no avail. Does anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this or go about compiling a c/c++ file in another way. Thanks in advance for the help

Intel System Software Tools for Android?

Hi I see in Mountain Beacon  a guy saying Intel compiler for Android is in Intel System Software Tools for Android but not Mountain Beacon searching this seems closes match to name so does Intel System Studio support Android currently? or in some beta program?

if not some info on obtaining ICC for Android would be good..


simics in bldk

I was using bldk in simics Atom E6xx virtual system.and I using "gBS->SetVariable" in the bldk,and it successed,

but when I run simics again, I can not get the variable ,and I use "dmpstore" in shell to see the variable,it show it can not be found ! 

it also happen in the X57+ICH10 platform .  what is the problem?  whether the bios flash can not be written in simics?

if not,how to solve the problem?

wish your answer! 

Building OpenCV based embedded application using Intel® System Studio.


OpenCV is the most prominent computer vision library and many embedded applications are built using features of OpenCV.   It is filled with a lot of features for performing tasks like image registration, tracking, classification and much more. An easy way to improve OpenCV application performance on Intel Architecture is to re build using components of Intel® System Studio like Intel® C++ compiler and Intel® IPP.

I have published an article about how to use Intel® System Studio to build the OpenCV based embedded application on Intel platforms.

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