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Downloading the latest Intel 965 Mobile Express Graphic Card

While downloading the latest software for my intel 965 Mobile Express Graphic card, the eighth part of the instruction stated that

5. Select the following option: "Browse my computer for driver software".
6. Select the following option: "Let me pick from a list of device drivers
on my computer".

Vtune shipped with Applicatipon Development for atom


I have a question regarding the Vtune that is shipped with'Application Evelopment Suite for Intel Atom Processors' Can the same product be used to get profile information from a target machine that does not have Atom? (A Xeon machine for instance. ) Or is this meant for aopimizing apps meant to run only on an Atom machine?



Caution: Intel(R) C++ Compiler license ONLY SEEMINGLY seems to be recognized for full tool suite install.

The installer of the "Intel Software Development Tool Suites for Intel Atom processor" recognizes the license file of the "Intel C++ Compiler for Linux* Professional" as a valid preexisting license. There is no warning when using te wrong license. However, the installation will not be complete and succesful if this license is used.

Firefox proxy settings can impact ability to display Debugger Online Help

With Ubuntu 8.x and Fedora* 9 or Fedora* 10 there can be a problem displaying the Intel Debugger Online Help.

The problem is due to a proxy setting configuration issue in Firefox*, where Eclipse is prevented from connecting to the local help server. The proxy can handle "localhost" but not which is the loopback of the localhost.

Moblin Integration?

Installing the Compiler into KVM*

For additional information not covered in this document and for latest updates on the Moblin* Integration of the Intel Application Software Development Tool Suite 2.0 for Intel Atom Processor please check the Intel Software Network article located at:

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