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EPIC8 Call for Papers (Toronto, Canada, April 24th, 2010)


Eighth Workshop on Explicitly Parallel Instruction
Computing Architectures and Compiler Technology (EPIC-8)
April 24, 2010
Toronto, Canada

In conjunction with the IEEE/ACM International Symposium
on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO)

is there some simulator for PC to simulate an Itanium processor?

Hello everyone,
I want to simulate an Itanium processor on a certain pc, but simulators like simics doesn't able to. Does Intel corp. have some simulator for me? This question has confused me long.
My research is about Itanium with 4 cores. But this processor is coming out next year. I have to simulate one. Does simulator for Itanium2 work?

Thans you all. Hope to be replied~~

Best wishes

Syscfg tool- saving system configuration in .ini format

Hi ..

I am using S55XX family servers .And I am using syscfg 5.0.1 version. Its clearly given in the manual that S55XX supports .ini format. And the BIOS settings can be saved in .ini format using

syscfg /s Bios_settings.ini

It gives me an error wheni do this,and it always saves in .scf format which is not human readable. Why is it so?

Is there any other tool to get the BIOS settings?

Anybody pls help.Thanks in advance.


Vtune optimization report

I posted something like this on the Vtune forums, but it is mainly addressed to the itanium users.
I have not been able to get the optimization report to work for the last 2 years, I have tried everything I could find on the web and so far have never been able to get it to work. Has anyone out there running on an itanium been able to get this report to work? I think it has something to do with the environment, but I am not positive. No errors are thrown, so I really have no concrete place to start looking for the issue.

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