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bizarre mixed language Fortran/C memory problem

I'm calling a function located in a fortran .dll file. This
function does nothing more than:
o input a matrix (3 by 7)
o print the elements of each row
o multiply the elements by 2, storing this to an output array
o prints the result to the screen
o return.

The C driver program:
o allocates and initializes an input and an output array
o prints the input array
o calls the fortran function, providing both arrays and their
o prints the result.

Effective client area


I am trying to implement a status bar in a windows application with a single edit control in the client area.

To prevent the status bar from being painted over the edit control I tried to use the following approach:

After creating the Status bar using "CreateStatusWindow" I try to call "GetEffectiveClientRect" to find the rectangular area remaining for the edit control.

The code I use with WM_CREATE looks something like this:

Mixed-Language Programming with C++

In earlier versions of Microsoft Fortran I could use the INTERFACE TO statement for global scope. My project contains more than 2.500 fortran files! So I added in each file the first line with an INCLUDE of the mixed language declaration file. This include file contains sections like


The documentation of Visual Fortran 6.5 says, the new syntax is

context help within a dflogm library generated dialog box

I have created a dialog box using the dflogm library in a win32 application and want to include context help. This is a straight forward thing to do if the dialog box is created using create window. However, if the dialog box is created with the resource editor, then it is not clear how to launch the help window. Can anyone provide info on this?
Thank you, Bob

Help on Radio Buttons

The help on Radio Buttons says the following -
"Caption - The text that labels the control. To make one of the letters in the caption of a control the mnemonic key, precede it with an ampersand (&)."

I have added the "&" to the captions and they are displayed correctly but how do I get them to work?
It is a WinApi program.



Using SetForeGroundWindow

I've got a mixed QuickWin and Win32 application that runs in the background. When another application posts a new data file to the hard drive, I want my application to read the file, come to the foreground and plot the results. I use the combination
i = SetForeGroundWindow( GethWndQQ( Graphics_Window ) )
where Graphics_Window is the unit number of a QuickWin window. This works perfectly under WinNT, but fails to bring my application to the foreground on Win98.

Any ideas as to cause? Any suggestions for a work around?
Thanks, Cliff

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