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35% Discount on Digital Press books through 12/31

I've just learned that Digital Press (an imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann) is offering Compaq customers a 35% discount on any Digital Press or Butterworth-Heinemann book ordered through December 31. This includes the printed version of the Visual Fortran Programmer's Guide, as well as many other technical books.

Explicit Shape Specifications

I would like to know how after defining an array, in my main program, with explicit values for the bounds, I can pass this array to multiple subroutines.
Currently, if I use a common statement, I get an error that automatic arrays are not allowed in common statements.

I have 20 such arrays, all of which have to be passed to multiple subroutines.


IDE Performance Problems Under Win2000

I recently got a new PC with Windows 2000 installed on it.
I installed my copy of DF 5 on it without problem but the performance of the development environment is terrible. Previously I was using Win98 for development and everything was fine.

It takes a second or two to edit code and, for debugging, it can take 10+ seconds to set a breakpoint.

I've tried both Microsoft (for the Visual Studio) and Compaq support knowledge bases without finding any solutions.

Help! Any ideas or suggestions?

Changing scales in Quickwin App's

I am creating a quickwin application to create runtime monitoring plots of engineering computations. I am plotting "real-time" simulation results, and at some time need to rescale the plot. I call SETWINDOW with a new x and y limit to rescale the plot, and this works fine. The problem is all data previously plotted is stuck in the old scaling and is not automatically rescaled. So if I am plotting a sine wave with magnitude of 1, and my original y limits were -1 to 1, the plot first fills the entire y-axis.

Can you turn a control invisible by code?

There is a flag when designing a dialog box to turn a control invisible.

But is there a way to do it in the code?

There is the call Enable Window that can grey is out a control, but I want it to be completely invisible in some circumstances and visible in others.

There is WS_VISIBLE but don't know if it is what I should use, or how to use it.



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