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Is there a colour definition component in CVF?

I would like the user to be able to define a coulor using red, blue & green - being able to select the amounts of each colour and showing visually the colour that they will give.

I have seen this type of component in VB, is there one in CVF?

Or with Multi-language support can I use a VB component in a CVF project?



Is there a function to tell if a specific application is running?

Is there a function to tell if a specific application is running?

I would like to pass the application executable name and get back true or false to say if it is running.

Or maybe something like the Windows task manager that gives a list of processes running.

Is there anything like that in CVF?



Source Browser Problems

When I use Source Browser, the source code line that the cursor jumps to does not contain the variable I am looking for. This does not happen with other projects. It seems the source browser data base is out of sync with the source code listing.

I have tried doing a rebuild all. I also went into each source file and made a small change to trick Visual Studio into recompiling each source file. Neither of these had an affect on my problem.

Does anyone have a suggestion?
I am using Visual Fortran version 6.5

Thank you.

Automated Debug?

Remember how things used to be easier?
A few years ago I used a Fortran (text based) debugger which allowed "automated debugging":
You created a file containing a list of simple debug commands including breakpoints and watches. This file could then be run at anytime (even generating handy reports). I had a library of such debug "macros" for our main routines.

Visual Fortran doesn't appear to have such a straight-forward facility! I've tried several times to get macros (& scripts) to do the same job, but they soon get too complicated.

SPORT routines - strange behavior

I an writing a program to drive a device using the SPORT_xx routines to
communicate via a serial port on the PC.
A very simple protocol, based on fixed length messages is used.
The program works fine for a while, than it stops with an error.
The write routine

RetInt=SPORT_WRITE_DATA(1, Message, nChar)

return value, RetInt=8.
The Error lookup of the MS Visual Studio says:
"Not enough storage is available to process this command."


Is there any way to effect in code the View -> Full Screen
item from the menubar? CLICKMENUQQ does not provide
this capability. The DFLIB procedure corresponding to this
button is WINFULLSCREEN. An INTERFACE block for this
procedure is in DFLIB, but when I call it, nothing happens.

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