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Upgrade failure

I tried to upgrade from 6.5A to 6.6 but the system returns an error saying that the existing program was not installed properly. I did reinstall the program but the problem still persist. What could be the cause for this problem? Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance



I have a need to embed SQL statements in my Fortran program to talk to an Oracle database. The database I am using is Oracle 8i, and discovered that Oracle 8i does not have Fortran precompiler. Have you had any success in connecting to Oracle database and through what means? I appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks. fortran dll

I am trying to get a project I had running in vb6 running in
I am having trouble with the arrays because of the changes in
If I define my array as starting at a(0,0) instead of a(1,1), and I pass the array as a(0,0) into the fortran dll, will it interpret the array as a(1,1) in the
fortran dll?
Thanks for any comments on this
J george

Visual Fortran

Could anyone let me know if Visual Fortran 6.6 Professional version support Chinese Windows 2000 or not? Thanks very much for your prompt response. Thanks!

Viewing only some type fields in debugger

I use an array of complex type definitions. But in debugging I usually am only interested in one of the variables. Is there a way to only see that variable?

type example
integer :: weight
end type example

program main
type (example), dimension(10) :: mytypes

In the Visual Studio debugger watch I can only enter: mytypes(1:n) and then plow through them to see weight.
What I want to see is mytypes(1:n)%weight.

CSAddin.dll file

Where can I find the CSAddin.dll file? The online documentation under "Using the Fortran COM Server Wizard" says it should be in the ...Microsoft Visual StudioCommonMSDev98AddinsDf98 directory but I can't find it there or on the CD.

We're interested in compiling our legacy Fortran code as a COM server to interact with Active Server Pages.

Using QSort with derived types

I keep getting the same error message when I attempt to compile the attached code.

Error: There is no matching specific subroutine for this generic subroutine call. [QSORT]

I followed the example but no joy, any suggestions.

Module QSortTypeTest
Use portlib
implicit none

Type IndxArray
Integer(kind=4) :: Idx
Real(kind=4) :: Val
EndType IndxArray

VB .NET DLL Structure problems

I am upgrading my interface that was originally done in VB 6.0 using CVF 6.6 as the number cruncher via a .DLL compile. Everything worked fine. Now I am upgrading to VB .NET and I am having many problems with structures being passed to the fortran .DLL. I have a simple structure like this:


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