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Report a BIOS Bug

Hello IDS,

What is the best (and faster) way to report some bugs we noticed in the latest Intel Desktop Board BIOS ? We really need a fix for the D955XBK Board, doing the following :

1/ Board doesn't POST with a Pentium 4 EE 3.4 GHz Engineering Sample. Latest BIOS do continuously a cycling POST CODE 22h -> 25h -> 28h while older BIOS do not generate a POST CODE at all

SMBus Programming

I am working on a project with a WinBond interface chip on an
Intel ICH4-M equipped motherboard where I need to both read to and write from a device on the SMBus. I used a product called HWDirect from EProtek that has helped me do all of my troubleshooting and basic research and development, but now I need to actually put code in place to do this SMBus access.

SMbus Driver IO Controls


Intel Supplies an SMBus Driver with their Active Monitor Program. The Active Monitor Program, nor any other program that I have found,unfortunatly does not provide the solution to the problem that I have which is to monitor fans and temperatures on 300+ systems in a production facility.

So I was wondering is there anyway to get information onthe I/O control commands into this driver so I can write my own application that will pass the data I need to a central database?



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