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Forum and Mozilla Firefox

I recently switched from IE to Mozilla Firefox (1.0.4) and I'm quite happy with it -- its web page rendering finally matches IE...

...except for this very page I'm looking at -- I can't see the formatting toolbar for message composing. No bold, italics, source, insert hyperlinks...

I'm not sure if it's up to Firefox or to the Forum itself, but is there any chance to fix it in near future?


L2 Characteristics??

i am using callgrind profiler for my program as i am not able to use VTune on my fedora workstation. When i want to enter the cache size manually i am asked to enter three parameters L2 cache size (512KB), assoc?? and line size?? . I am not sure what the assoc and line size mean. Can anyone let me know what they exactly mean and their values on a P4 machine.

Btw i was wondering how i can find the size of L1 Cache size in linux. Even though i know it i just want to confirm it. But when i run /proc/cpuinfo it shows only the L2 cache size


Post Firmware Pre OS

How can I write an application that will run after the firmware but before the OSsuch as a diagnostic application. I am new to this so please bear with me. I want to start writing some code that is processor specific. I currently am a .NET developer and want to start something new.
Many thanks

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