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Since the post mortem thread in A3 was kinda interesting lets have a go at the other two problems as well

This problem was an interesting one for me, I figured its a threading contest, i bet we get to use threads! However the best solution seemed to be single threaded. (Weird!)

Winners Announced for Apprentice Problem 1 for the Threading Challenge 2011

The judging for Apprentice Problem 1, Maze of Life, is now completed. Thank you for participating and submitting your entries. Our team of judges have carefully tested, analyzed and judged all of the code entries for Problem 1. There was a wide variety of coding used by our Apprentice level contestants. Go to the Threading Challenge 2011 Winners Page to see the Apprentice Problem 1 Winners.

P1:A1 Maze of Life, Apprentice Problem - Judging and Scoring Criteria & Methods for Selecting Our Winners

Threading Challenge 2011 -Maze of Life, Apprentice Problem 1: Judging & Scoring Criteria and Methods

As of June 21, 2011, we announced the winners forApprentice Problem 1, Maze of Life. Our group of Judges used the following judging and scoring criteria and methods for selecting the winners. In addition, you will find a link to the testing results and the scores further below.

The Winners of Apprentice Problem 1, Maze of Life, will be announced on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank youfor your patience. We apologizes that it has taken us longer to judge theApprentice Problem 1, Maze of Lifeentries. We are finalizing the results now and preparing a scoring criteria write-upfor publishing.We will announce the winners of Problem 1 via this forum by 6:00pm Pacific time on Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

64bit Address

I've been testing my code on the acano01 node since the documentation says it is suitable for testing purposes. The program starts off allocating memory to 32bit addresses in the heap, but before long it allocates to a 64bit address. When it tries to access that address to store a value, I get the segmentation fault.Does anyone who is more familiar with 64bit programming ever run into a problem like this? I don't get the segmentation fault when testing on my 32bit machines.Thanks!

Poor performance on MTL

Well this is embarrassing. My program runs fine on the Manycore Testing Lab as long as it's singlethreaded. Whenever I enable multithreading the performance gets worse on the same input. Starting more threads only makes it slower.

At first I thought it was just poor design on my part - too much contention for mutexes or something. However, now I'm testing a simplified design with NO synchronization between threads and it's still happening. The performance is what I'd expect from a single core processor.

Start Location local alive or dead


In the input file the start location is specified.
Can this location also be se to alive as an initial state?
Or put another way, does the intellegent cell have to start on a dead cell?

All the examples on the clickmaze site all start on a dead cell.
And the processing of the iLife editable grids process as if the start pixel is dead.


i.e. Example input file?

4 4
4 4
1 1
1 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 0 0

The 81st Thread

Real basic question here (writing my first threading code) ... It saysthe test hardware is a 40 core (80 thread) machine ... what happens if your code requests the 81 thread? ... are you blocked until a tread is released? Thanks

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