2011 Master (Expert) Level Problems (Archived)

Unable to deactivate the Opt-in functionality in the AMT enabled machines

Hi guys, I am currently playing around with an intel amt enabled machine. At first i enabled the opt-in functionality and tried remoting from another machine, it worked just fine. I.e. By entering the pass ode which appears in the amt screen.I am having difficulties to establish a connection after disabling the opt-in functionality.

Intel AMT Problems

Hello guys,

I have been having a problem with a couple of lenovo's M90p desktops with Intel's AMT 6.0.

The problem is that after I enable AMT and configure it, it works when the computers are on, so I can log into AMT using the htt://ipadress:1699 from another computer in the networkand it works fine, but once I turn off the pc AMT is not accessible. Do you guys have any ideas why this is happening?? It's like the AMT turns off with the computer. I will aprreciate the help.

FATAL ERROR: Renderer #0 could bot be initialized!

I was trying to play Amnesia and this came up, and i do know that this game does not work with intel grapics card. but i want to know is there somthing i can download to fix this because i realy want to play this game badly is there any way that i could fix this or contact intel to see if they could fix it (i really don't know were this question goes) and you need speccy to see what hardwear i have in my pc

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