P1: M2 - Tiling Rectangles (Archived)

Tiling Rectangles, Master Problem 2, is Now LIVE for Threading Challenge 2011!

Tiling Rectangles,Master Problem 2 for the Threading Challenge 2011 is now LIVE! Enjoy working thisthreading problem. Don't forget that the Intel Manycore Testing Lab will be unavailable from approximately 5:00pm, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), May 27 through 9:00am, PDT, May 31, 2011. Please plan aacordingly.We look forward to reviewing your threading solutions!


This is a nice problem! I can see this really putting good use on multithreaded techniques.Can we assume the input integers are strictly positive and less than (2^31)-1?
And is there an upper bound on the size of a potential tiling set?

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