Android* Applications on Intel® Architecture

Purchasing a decent Android development platform

OK, software emulation even with a fast CPU and lots of RAM isn't going to get it for me so I need a hardware or a hardware supported solution.  Intel CPU and VT--x looks promising.  Problem is I need to travel with the development system and gaming laptops with add-on GPU support is out of my budget.  Currently I am looking at purchasing a ASUS S56CA-XH71 (e.g.

[RAZR i] Intel System Apps

 Hello i am new to this forum and i hope this is the place where all my questions get answered :D

in October i bought the Motorola razr i  and what my questions are about are some apps i found on the device that are Intel specific so i think this is a match with the forum title :)

first of all,  the device was delivered with ics,  back then i found a hidden option in settings menu for Wi-Fi  direct.

i knew the device was not certified  for this but we were able to use it...

Unable to install HAXM


I am trying to install HAXM but I am unable to, It is giving me an error about my computer not supporting VT-x, however as far as I can tell my machine should support it. I am running an i7 3770K on a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Motherboard, Win7 x64 and have enabled intel virtualisation in the BIOS.

Any help would be apreciated.


X500 USB Composite Device drivers

I am having issues getting my X500 device to enumerate as a USB Composite Device consistently. Earlier today, I was able to successfully enumerate on one x500 device but not on my second one.  On the device that was not enumerating on my laptop, it enumerated fine on 2 of my colleagues' laptops but failed on 2 others.  

Failure symptoms:upon plugging in the device, I see 'Installing device driver software' followed immediately by 'Device driver software was not installed successfully'

 I've tried:

1) uninstalling and reinstalling Intel Android Drivers v1.2.0

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