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Intel Graphics HD4600 that DVI (Primary) / HDMI (Secondly) display output is reversed by Win+P.

Dear Sir,


We use the Intel sharkbay platform to do our motherboard design,

The PCH is Q87, CPU is Haswell DT CPU,
There isn't have local panel, Our primary display output is through DVI interface.
The system OS is Windows 7 SP1
We uses Intel generic graphics driver and VBIOS/GOP.
Now, We encounter the trouble when connect the HDMI is secondly display output.

obtain CUI SDK

124136I'm trying to use CUI SDK to send DDC/CI via DP port,but it's not available.May I ask which api should I use to send DDC/CI via DP port?And does intel update CUI SDK recently?By the way,I use "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000".Hope your reply,thank you!

DXGI Desktop duplication bug in Win10

Hi. We have following issue in Win10.

1. Laptop MSI GS60-2PE (updated to Win10 Home), CPU i7-4700HQ with Intel HD 4600. NVidia GTX 870M. Other laptops also have same issue. It doesn't depend if external monitor connected to my laptop or not - issue still happens. But from some other feedback it starts to work when external monitor connected. However, I can not check anymore since that laptop was downgraded.

2. Intel HD 4600 driver -

82852/855GM Problem with non IEGD driver

Hello there,

i hope i found the right place for my question!

We have a legacy gaming platform that uses the Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics on Linux (custom board manufactured by Kontron). The OS we are running on that platform (for ages now) is an old Fedora using the IEGD drivers.

With new displays and new touch screens we are forced to move on: to a new Kernel & Xorg (currently based on 12.04.5 LTS).
I successfully ported most of the stuff we need, the only show stopper remaining is the monitor configuration. 

Wavy artifacts on H.264 video


We have an issue with H.264 video decoding using Intel QuickSync Decoder. I don't want to say that the problem is in decoder (we don't know its location) but maybe you have already seen this kind of artifacts and can suggest what the source of problem can be. Uncorrect usage / wrong values in what structures can lead to that kind of artifacts?

Our software use the following chain of libraries for decoding process:

Top Developer Questions from Nordic Games Conference

The Nordic Game conference is held annually in Malmö, Sweden. The 2015 Blueshift Edition took place on 20-22 May at Slagthuset, a beautiful venue near the Malmö city centre, and only minutes away from Copenhagen Airport. During the show Intel representatives interacted with many game developers and below are the 4 most commons questions and the answers.

What’s the range of the User Facing RealSense Camera?

Bug in igdumd32.dll


We use DirectX to display video and information in my industrial application.

Since we use new PC with Modile Intel 945 Express Chipset, our application crashs regularly.

Each time, the exception occures in igdumd32.dll.

Here some informations from DxDiag:

   Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.150316-1654)

How to detect Intel Processor Graphics with OpenGL?


this article

suggests that PBO's should not be used on Intel Processor Graphics for texture creation, at least when the texture should be shared with OpenCL.

My understanding that this is also true when not using OpenCL, but for all OpenGL usages here.

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