HEVC DXVA already shipping?!


regarding HEVC support seems latest public 15.33.3412 driver enables DXVA support for HEVC_VLC_Main profile.. i.e. some form of HW accel even with EUs or something.. also incredible seems is shown on a Haswell system.. see:

so questions are:

*are this partial accel will be exposed also on Haswell system or is a bug of driver presenting this support?

Can't build Media SDK 2014 samples

Hi all!

I installed Media SDK 2014 and "full transcode sample" and tried to compile this sample.

First at all I was very surprised that source for Media SDK 2014 was created in Visual Studio 2005.

When I tried to complie this sample in VS2010, Visual Studio tried to load some headers from Windows SDK 7.0a folder (for example dxgiformat.h).

As I see, this file has enum for various  color formats.

So, Windows SDK 7.0a version of this file doesn't have some definitions, required by source file from Intel. Build failed :(

VPP not copying to output surface

I have difficulty understanding how to work with different types of surfaces. I successfully set up a DECODE -> system memory -> VPP -> system memory chain, using no external allocator, but when I attempt to change it to DECODE -> video memory -> VPP -> system memory, things break left and right.

First, it appears that a session can only have one external frame allocator, set through MFXSession::SetFrameAllocator. But clearly if we are using two different types of surfaces, the same frame allocator cannot be used for both, unless I am mistaken?

how to control the DecodeFrameAsync always get one frame out when feed one frame in?

I set AsyncDepth = 1 but when start feed the Decode it may return NEED_MORE_DATA, it quite common at the beginning of several frames.  Is there any possible to always force DecodeFraneAsync to output a frame when a frame is fed in? I want 10 frame feed in then 10 frame out, each time i call DecodeFrameAsync i pass one frame in and get one frame out. thx



Interop/Multi-GPU Setups


while many of our customers have Intel GPUs, some also have additional dedicated graphics cards. 
Is it possible to use the decoding capabilities of the the dedicated GPUs (via DX11/DXVA) and process the resulting DX surfaces using
the MSDK VPP pipeline? Or is the VPP part of the MSDK restricted to Intel GPUs? 

Additionally, is it possible to transfer a DX surface from a dedicated GPU to the Intel CPU/GPU for accelerated encoding? What is the transfer cost involved?

Thanks alot!



Bug in MoveMfxBitstream (sample_utils.cpp) v5.0.337.79303

Version: 5.0.337.79303
Project: sample_common
File: sample_utils.cpp
Function: MoveMfxBitstream

The function is supposed to move data from one mfxBitstream to another under the condition that there is enough free space (MaxLength - DataLength) in the target to take all of the remaining data (DataLength) of the source.

While the function does check if the free space of the target is large enough, it does not take into account that the target might NOT be empty when actually copying the data from source to target.

How to set up VPP for Opaque -> System memory?

I'm trying to set up the following chain for hardware accelerated decoding and processing:

DECODE -> Opaque buffers -> VPP -> System memory buffers

I've been closely studying the reference manual and sample_multi_transcode, but these only illustrate how to operate purely on opaque surfaces, not how to mix the two. The reference manual does state (p.28) "It is possible to copy an opaque surface to a “real” surface through a VPP operation", so this is what I'm trying to accomplish.

2014 SDK next (patch) release

Is there a time frame for when the next release will be?

I assume that it will have both the memory leak - originally posted on Sat, 02/08/2014 - 19:53 by Joe M. and also the Access Violation when running on more than 16 cores - that I posted on 1/8/2014 -  fixed?  (We already have a non-released version of libmfxsw32.dll with the Access Violation fixed).

We are trying to release our product in the next couple of weeks ...



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