Embree: Photo-Realistic Ray Tracing Kernels

iterating over leaf nodes

Hi, Is there a way to iterate over all leaf nodes (leaf nodes only) in the BVH tree to access some parameters (such as size, id1, id2, etc)? I'm trying to write a function that loops over leaf nodes in the tree and extracts some properties of these nodes, but kinda lost so far. any hints and directions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Some memory optimizations

thank you for sharing embree source code. I'm learning a lot from it.
During last month I had a crack at optimising embee memory footprint. Major area of interest was reducing peak memory during tree build is a such way to have a minimal impact on performance (especially traversal speed). I ended up using almost 1/4th of the peak memory with minimal impact on traversal speed while achieving an even faster tree build.

Embree AppCrash on MS-Windows7 32Bits

Hi there,

I am very interested in the Embree project.

After building the release configuration with VS2008 without
errors nor warnings, I tried to load "cornell_box.ecs" with it,
but the application crashed immediately.

The debug configuration behaves in the same manner. The debugger
halts because of an illegal instruction at line 204 of the file
"ssef.h" ("return _mm_insert_ps(a, b, (dst << 4)...").

Run in Windows XP

Hi,all guys
sorry for my bad english :)
I found embree is very very fast ,but it can not work on WindowsXP,I found a way to run the embree on WinXP ,only modify two source file,hope this can help you
1: condition.cpp,disable the "Condition Variable"(i found the code from the url:http://yats.googlecode.com/svn-history/r74/trunk/src/sys/condition.cpp)
2: sse.h,use "smmintrin_emu.h" instead ""

it works well on my computer

Using this raytracer for generative art. A comment and a question.

I really enjoy using this collection of raytracers. Very very very fast. I haven't touched my GPU renderers since compiling yours. I am constantly impressed by the quality of long renders, and the speed where nice proofs appear. Since I use it to create generative art I don't care if it isn't fully featured. I wrote a simple interface to your XML import standard for use in the processing creative coding framework. http://code.google.com/p/p5toembree/

scattering material?

I usually use luxrender, but I stumbled upon embree today. Man is it fast! And not even GPU accelerated! Anyways, I was wondering if embree is actively developed by the community and if someone would be up to the task of creating a subsurface scattering material. It's definately a tall task, but it would be a very good addition to this renderer.

Lights and Material configuration


we try to use embree engine, it's very fast and clear. We use xml method
to export the scene.

But we find some problem with light and material.

Why the source code don't use Ka parameter of
material? there is some part of source code that calculate automatically the
(Ka) ambient parameter of material? It seems that is used only a factor Kd, and not Ka & Kd , it's

Use photo-realistic ray tracing kernels for modelling of solar thermal power plants


I work in the field of solar thermal power plants and have a question concerning photo-realistic ray tracing.

So far we use simple Monte Carlo raytracers to calculate the efficiency of solar thermal power plants.
Herefore sun rays are reflected at mirrors and focussed on absorbing structures (cylinders filled with oil, water,...)

Since the raytracing tools we using to date are really simple, I thought of using a sophisticated raytracing kernel.

XML light examples

I've been attempting to figure out the xml format of the lights to no avail, my adjustments to the values for the most part do nothing or have unexpected results. I'm mainly interested indirectionallight,distantlight, andpointlight, but haven't been able to figure out any of them. Any help on understanding how to create the lights for the xml files would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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