Adding entities to hkpConstraintChainInstance on the fly?

Hi All,

I was wondering: if I have a hkpConstraintChainInstance that I setup initially, and would later want to make the chain longer by adding more links, would it be possible? In particular, would a call such as

chainInstance->addEntity( body ); // Adding a new link at one end

on a keypress event (say) be supported? I feel hkpConstraintChainInstance may not allow such dynamic changes.

Ragdoll attachment

Hello Everybody,

i am here again, making nice progresses in my project, thanks also to the support of the kind people of this forum.

Yesterday i upgraded my code to version 6.00rc1.

I was really impressed by ragdoll attachment demo.

i am wondering if is possible to attach a ragdoll to another using that technique.

Maya Joint Orientations and Skinning


I'm having a little trouble using maya joint orientations with my skinning code.

I am presently doing the following:

Like the code in the additve blending demo, I am using the world pose and multiplying it by the skin binding to get a matrix for each bone, and then passing the array of bone matrices to the shader to deform the vertices based on the bone index and bone weight per vertex.

Ai and Havok


I need help designing my AI/Physics interaction in my game.

I want mybots tofind their way using my Ai engine, while colliding and interacting with the environment using Havok.

The problem is I cant find a proper way to do that using havok. While the AI engine gives me the coordinates the character should be inthis frame, havok, as far as I can tell, does not allow me to set the position of the character controller at each frame, but rather the direction and speed.

SOS!HELP!!! A problem of Collision Detection, bug?

This is a part of logic in the havok's demo architecture, under demo folder I built this folder (path:Demos\Physics\MyTest), put TestDemo.cpp, TestDemo.h , two files in. In vc project I built filter named Mytest, add this two files. Please assure the existence of this file(Physics/Api/Collide/OfflineGeneration/MoppCodeStreaming/Resources/mopp.dat).

Downcasting hkpPhantom to Derived classes and back again

I am trying to create a factory class for a wrapper I am making. The intention of the factory class would be to create an interface to the 3 different types of phantom classes. The factory class would be responsible to creating the phantoms and also deleting them. Wanting to make this class as neat as possible to avoid problems in the future I wanted to have 1 pointer:

hkpPhantom* m_phantom;

And then cast the generic hkpPhantom* to the derived classes

m_phantom = static_cast(new hkpAabbPhantom( aabb ));

Mesh not attaching to skeleton in export.

I've created a simple biped in Maya with a 60 frame animation. In Havok the mesh, skeleton and motion export fine but the mesh is not attaching to the skeleton. I've tried different settings in both the Create Skeletons and the Create Skins filters. I do get...

Create Skins Filter
Created 0 mesh binding(s), 0 attachment(s)

...in the log window.

Am I skinning the mesh to the skeleton wrong in Maya or is there a filter setting that might help?


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