character falling from rigid body

I created a character and placed it on top of an animated rigid body (cube shape). Both have friction = 1.0, and the rigid body is animated at a slow velocity using setHardKeyFrame. The problem is that once the rigid body stops, the character immediately falls off the cube. Changing the friction does not impact the result. What can I do to ensure the character stay on the cube until I specifically move it manually?

changing world size

Is there a way to change the world size (i.e. broadphase size) after its creation?
I want to be able to load more .hkx file during the game and to make sure all rigidbodies stays inside the world (by changing the world size to include them).


Two rigidbodies not colliding properly

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

- Using autodesk maya to create 2 meshes. A box and a sphere. Sphere is a moving body falling onto the box.

- Exported to .hkx using havok content tools. *Note transform scene was set to use SCALE_FEET_XXX

- Confirmed with preview scene that sphere falls until it hits the box.

- Loaded hkx unto the graphics engine

- Sphere falls and collides somewhere in mid-air and does not seem to reach the box

~hkArray() error

I have this error in my engine, so, i've done a simple example, and i alsow get it. Example is next:

I have main.cpp with code:

#include "HavokTestFramework.h"

boost::shared_ptr htf;

void main()


htf = boost::shared_ptr(new HavokTestFramework());


and HavokTestFramework.h:

class HavokTestFramework





Does the tryHavok version works for windows xp?

Hi everyone, i have been trying to make run a simple demo with havok, i can compile it successfully, but when i run it i got this message:

"This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Review the manifest file for posible errors. Reinstalling the app... "

The reason of this error could be that im using win XP?... because this demo is tested under vista.

Thanks a lot for any help.

rigid body ragdolls explode when active

i'm having a problem with activating rigid body ragdolls,i created constrainted one with max and previews fine in the simulation
then loaded it from code at keyframetype and seems ok in the visual debugger

but once i enable the ragdoll to takeover (with the previous animation state) it becomes moving unstable then explode(every piece go in different place) after few seconds

this is the code that takes the previous pose from the animation statemachine and apply it to ragdoll (it works ok when the ragdol motion is keyframe)

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