Maya - Havok Exporters - Problems with converting handed-ness

Maya uses a left-handed coordinate system and our engine uses a right handed system.

I was able to set up a configuration in the maya havok exporter to do the following:
+ Mirror X
+ Flip winding order

This made the geometry of the models we export look correct in the engine, except that the texture coordinates were off. If I flip the texture vertically ( by flipping the V tex coord ) the texture will look correct.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the exporter to mirror the V coord?

Character Controller and Keyframed Platform = jerky movement

I'm using a rigid body character controller. The character can ride up and down a keyframed platform without problems.

If another rigid body (a box) is placed on the platform, and the character stands on top of the box, then there is an issue:
1) The character movement is smooth when the platform is moving up
2) The character movement is jerky when the platform is moving down

When moving down, and watching the character in the visual debugger, it appears to pause, then fall, repeatedly.

Adding custom nodes to havok

I added my own specific hkpPhantomCallbackShape class and created a filter which works fine within the content tools. In other words, when I run the filter in Maya I see good results and the object is serialized. How do I then ensure that the shape is registered in Havok within my game engine? When I run the same file in my engine, it does not work, most likely because it does not recognize the new phantom class. Do I need to somehow register this class in Havok run-time? I have only seen examples of doing this in the content tools, but none for doing so in the Havok engine itself.

crash in hkaKeyFrameHierarchyUtility::initialize

i'm having a crash when using hkaKeyFrameHierarchyUtility::initialize as in BlendTestDemo

this is how i retrieve the ragdoll instance

hkRootLevelContainer* containerRig = m_loader->load( "Resources/Animation/Ragdoll1/ragdoll_rig.hkx" );
m_ragdollInstance = reinterpret_cast(containerRig->findObjectByType( hkaRagdollInstanceClass.getName() ));

it is different than the code in the sample besides it creates motors

rigid body character controllers & animation

i added the character controller (rigid body ) successfully with the preexisting states like hkCharacterStateOnGround,Jumping etc ,and it seems working fine

my problems now is it seems that i'll probably need to subclass those (or implement my own ) .

the questions

1-is it is possible from the OnGround state to differenciate between walking,running and non walking(there is most probaly something inbetween when the character trying to stop ) to be able to control the correct animations?

Havok Physics for CGI?

Hi I'm new here and I'm really interested about havok physics engine to use it for my 3D animations as my physics engine.
Is havok physics just all about game development? Or can also be used to handle visual effects relative to physics simulations. Currently I use Maya for my short animations. How can I use the simulation data back to Maya? Please do tell me if I'm saying something inappropriate.

- Aries Gryphon

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