hkpCharacterRigidBody just rotates about its z-axis

I tried wrapping a hkpCharacterProxy first but that just seems to freeze the whole game. When I tried using a hkpCharacterRigidBody it would rise so that it was properly on top, if I made a new mopp terrain mesh slightly above its base. But it doesn't fall when the other rigid bodies fall, and just spins on its z axis and sends other rigid body boxes flying when they get dropped on it. The rigid bodies with box shapes simulate correctly.

Any Nintendo DS Support?

I've been looking at the Demo projects and was wondering if there is any Nintendo DS support? If so, is there any example projects out there or minimum constructors I must call to get it going?

Just peaking at the demos and I don't see why I couldn't create a simple environment for Hovak to use but I was wondering before I go creating an MSVS application wizard to try to figure it out and ultimately bang my head against an iron stove.

Thanks, Joe

No powered mode hinge constraints in Havok Content Tools?

Does anybody know how to setup a powered hinge constraint in Maya using Havok Content Tool plugins?
I noticed that there's an option "Motor type", I choosed "spring damper", but no other parameters I can input. And the effect is not like as I expected. I wanna a hinge constraint which can return to the rest position automatically, like there's a spring in the hinge. If I use the stiff spring, I can't make it soft as I expected. So how can I do these jobs in Content Tool?

Rigid body character collision


I added rigid body character into my game and it works fine,, but I have some unexplained behavior regarding collision reporting. On every frame I check to see if the character has collision with a list of other rigid bodies, I use the following code:
hkpShapeType a = pObj1->m_body->getCollidable()->getShape()->getType();
hkpShapeType b = pObj2->m_body->getCollidable()->getShape()->getType();

Mesh shape: use one or more subparts?


Assuming the following situation: Large landscape mesh, using hkpExtendedMeshShape und Moop-Code. The mesh should be able to use different materials per triangle/subpart.

Would it be better to use a single vertex / index / materialindex buffer on the whole mesh or use a triangle subpart for all triangles sharing the same material (group the triangles by material, of which generally only a few exist)?

Serialize a rigidbody using hkpExtendedMeshShape


I've just tried to serialize a simple hkpExtendedMeshShape using the hkXmlPackfileWriter and default options. But the vertex and index data doesn't get exported. Instead the xml file holds the following lines:

Is there a way to serialize vertex and index data directly?
If not, what would be the best way to store the corresponding hkArray holding vertex and index data?

Thank you very much,



I'm making a game with havok, and I use the hkpRigidBody class to represent an object's physical state (as opposed to creating a useless wrapper for the rigidbody methods).

But now I need a range of objects that don't collide with anything (including eachother) but still respond to applyForce(), etc. - Is there any way to remove an hkpRigidBody from the collision system?

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