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GPA cannot attach to app running on AMD graphics device (MonitorLog.txt captures error Win32 Error 0x0000010B)


I'm trying to analyze a 3D application to learn more about it from here and I can't really get the Graphics Monitor to attach.

I've been able to attach to a lot of different processes before, so I know it works on my machine. Reading through the forums and I found out about the MonitorLog.txt file. 

I've also tried moving the application to a different directory just in case the file path would cause issues, but that wasn't the case.

Android profiling


I trying to use "system analyzer" with an Intel powered Android device

namely an Asus K010, Android 4.4.2 (3.10.20-gbdbc03b #1)

(btw: very big thanks to Intel "driver" team, compared to some other Android hardware, your drivers are heaven to work with, Android dev it just as simple as Windows dev with your hardware/software)

I modified the Manifest to be able to connect my app with your tool, can launch my app with "system analyzer"

I can see for a few seconds the "system analyzer" running and the app launching on the android device

Executable crash when analyzing application


I've just updated one of my computer (running Win7 x64 SP1 with NVidia driver 344.11 ) with GPA 2014 R3

and VTune installed

launching my EXE (x86) with the Graphic Monitor "analyse application" gives a crash in tpsstool.dll (seems to come from vtune)

if I select the entry "disable tracing" in the "Preferences" of "Graphic Monitor", crash doesn't occur anymore.

There was no crash with GPA 2014 R1 (same OS, same Nvidia driver, same executable)

Unable to Run Samples or My Application

I installed the analyzer and attempted to run my project through it.

The project is a havok vision game and it boots up when I click run, but immediately stops working. Clicking the exe directly runs it fine.

I then tried to run the included City Racer and gpassample.exe through the tool and neither open up.

The exe's themselves will run fine directly but selecting run through the tool the mouse cursor goes to a brief loading animation like it's doing something but then nothing happens. The application never launches.

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