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Intel GPA Version 4.3 now available



NOTE: Intel GPA 4.3 is no longer the latest version of the product. Please check the Intel GPA Home Page for information on how to download the latest release of the product.






As of the 5th of December, 2011, Intel GPA 4.3 has now been released and is the current version of the Intel GPA product for Microsoft Windows 7* and Microsoft Vista* users.

Intel GPA 4.3 includes the following new features and benefits:

GPA 4.2: "Failed to get load library export." error message


I am having problems starting an application with the GPA monitor (4.2, win7 64-bit).

- I am able to profile the gpasample.exe
- I am able to profile my application on another computer.
- I am getting a "Failed to get load library export."
- I turned off the windows firewall, i dont have any anti-virus.
- EDIT: My application process does start, but stays in a dormant state, using about 112K ok memory and never really starts doing anything.

I look at the MonitorLog.txt and there is nothing relevant in there except the error message.

Would like to see some new features added to GPA

Hi, would it be possible to :

Add in the texture tab, textures bound to VS & GS stages (not only PS stage) ?
Add a buffer tab displaying buffers (Index, Vertex, Constant ...) bound to each stage ?
Be able to "view" the content of a buffer bound to the StreamOutput of a GS program ?
Display the value of a texture according to its format (float, ushort, uint, ...) ?
Display the value of the depthbuffer where the mouse cursor is ? (already working in ColorBuffer, Overdraw modes)

Thanks in advance :)

cannot find Intel GPA System Analyzer HUD after installing GPA

I have downloaded the Intel GPA tool from:
However, when i install it only the following are installed:
1. GPA Frame analyser.
2. GPA Platform analyser.
3. GPA Monitor.

Intel GPA System Analyzer HUD is missing.
Please help.

GPA 4: Does GPA support WPF used with Windows 7?

Does GPA supports WPF apps under Windows 7 32bits ?

After testing the most simple application, I would say NO. A message indicates Direct3D 9 Ex is not supported. But WPF use DX10 or DX11 on W7. Is there a possible configuration of WPF to make it work ?

My final goal is to test a mixed DX9 / WPF application. WPF is not used for 3D, but is GPU accelerated...


Email sent in error "announcing" GPA 2.2


In the past couple of days you may have seen an email announcing the availability of Intel GPA 2.2. As those of you already using GPA 4.3 or GPA 4.4 realize, we've not "gone back in time" to bring you a version of Intel GPA that was initially released about two years ago!

For those of you looking for the latest release, it's version 4.2 Update 1 (build 156824) -- see this article for more information.

Again, sorry for any confusion the email may have caused.


GPA 4: cannot see TBB Instrumentation and tasks in GPA

Hi, it seems like my thread asking this question has disappeared for some reason, so i will ask again.How do you instrument an application using Intel threading building blocks so that you can see where different tast start and enr. Right now I can only see DirectX traces.Thank you for any help.

GPA 4.2: Issues using GPA with Hybrid configuration (HD Graphics + NVidia 540)

Hi. I'm trying to use GPA on my laptop (Asus N73S).
Using NVidia optimus control panel, I force the usage of the Intel GPU both for my DX10 code and GPA (just to be sure).
It runs, but I get basic metrics in GPA (only GPU duration, 0 in VS,GS,PS duration), not the detailed ones.
I have the latest drivers & the latest GPA versions.

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