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GPA 4.1: Trace Capture disabled with error: "The timestamp counter (TSC) in this computer may be unsynchronized among the multiple CPU cores."

Hey guys,

I recently downloaded the Intel GPA 4.1 and everything worked fine for me except for the Trace Capture. When trying to capture a trace GPA announces that "The timestamp counter in this computer maybe unsynchronized among the multiple CPU cores. Tracing is disabled." Currently, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and an Intel Core2Quad Q9400 2.67Ghz.
Are there any workarounds regarding this issue?

Thanks a lot.

GPA 4.1: __gpa_gfx_begin_region missing

I was using__gpa_gfx_begin_region / __gpa_gfx_end_regionas a way to mark drawcalls in the frame analyser (similar to using D3DPerF_BeginEvent / D3DPerf_EndEvent in pix), but these no longer seem to show up using GPA 4.1. I've made sure I'm using the latest sdk, I'm using directx 9 and visual studio 2008. Is this a known problem? Is there anything I can do to get them back?Thanks,Colin NeilensDigital Extremes

GPA 4.0: crash occurs when GPA tries to attach to my game


I installed latest GPA on my Dell laptop. But the application selection screen is not working (neither can launch new nor can detect). It gives exception error. Attached is the complete error report and my system configuration.

Pls help us in getting this fixed.

Laptop Conf:

Dell Inspiron N4010

Intel Corei3 CPU M370 @2.40GHZ 2,40 GHZ

3 GB (2.86 GB usable)

64-bit Windows 7 Home Basic


InvalidArgument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'index'


See the end of this message for details on invoking

GPA 4.0 support for native GPU instructions


I'm newto this forum... just wanted to know ifIntel GPA 4.0 or any other Intel tool offersupport for dumping the native GPU instructions in assembly for a game ?

I find that GPA dumps the pixel and vertex shaders in HLSL , and the Directx state ... but I couldn't findif it givesthe instructions that the GPU executes.


GPA 4.0: Cannot See Nested Tasks in Platform Analyzer

Hi.I'm running VS2010 so I'm using GPA 4.0 as an alternative to Task Analyzer(TAL in GPA 3.0).I'm trying to model the system flow of my multi-threaded application.I'm using mainly named tasks and markers, although I'm having a problem when some tasks are nested in other larger ones.For example, in this sequence:BeginTask("LargeTask")BeginTask("SubTask A");EndTask("SubTask A");BeginTask("SubTask B");EndTask("SubTask B");EndTask("LargeTask");All I see is LargeTask in Platform Analyzer.What is the best way to show the system flow as intended?

GPA 4.0: some feedback


Congrats on the new GPA release, I've only just started using it and it is already working much better than PIX for Windows. However there are a few minor issues that prevent me from using GPA to debug my day-to-day problems:

1) Floating-point textures are displayed using RGB by default. You can change this to something more appropriate like greyscale in the histogram tab, but the viewer should pick the correct default based on the format. In my case I was troubleshooting an R32F texture.

GPA 4 and DX9 shader constants?

I just tried the latest GPA (4.0.144237) and was surprised to see that the vertex/pixel shader constants are not available from the State tab. Am I just blind? I had to revert back to PIX for Windows to debug that kind of problem.

This is a DX9 app, I don't know if it works with DX10 constant buffers.

In case it's relevant, here is the Monitor's About box info...

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