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Hello message UUID all zeros

We just received a bunch of HP laptops with AMT support. We have setup an SCS server as well as the SMS Add-On. We have prepared all of the systems using a USB key. However, when the systems are sending out their HELLO message to the SCS server, the SCS server is reporting the UUID to be 00000000000000000000000000000000. Because of this, the provisioning operation fails. Whats strange, if I use the RCT tool to push defaults to the SCS server, the UUID is set properly under Configuration parameters. Even after that, subsequent HELLO messages still show up as all zeros.

Any ideas?

function keys issue with SOL Session (in Telnet)

We know that remote operation can be performed
by opening SOL session.

With SDK sample when we open SOL we can use
Putty or Telnet. we are using Telnet, but facing some
issues like Function keys, other control keys
can't able to use(mapping is not happening).

Even we are not able to operate this keys with
Terminal.exe and Commander.exe,

We are using Firmware 2.1 and SDK 3.0

Please suggest how to over come this problem.

One more dought , if i want use this
concepts in Java , is there any samples.

SOL Redirection data format

Hi there,

back again :)

I hv used SOL redirection, the way I implemented it is by creatig a local server and connecting windows telnet client to it. The behavior of the windows telnet client is not good sometimes.

Please tell me the format of data that is received when we use IMR_SOLReceiveText so I can implement my own app to display it, it looks to me that the protocol that is used is telnet ?

Or, if there is any free telnet client that behaves perfectly well, as AMT Commander works.



Boot from redirect floppy,can't find the redirect cdrom

I download the "Intel_AMT_Developer_Tool_Kit_v0.37.exe",
andconnect to a AMT supported machine,

Use the redirect floppy image boot,and enter into the dos system,
buti can't find the CD device.
The image is ms-dos7.01 with cd-rom driver and working fine my local Virtual PC.

sorry my bad english.
Thanks all reply.

AMT Versions


I hope someone can provide me with information as to how the various names of platforms, such as weybridge and santarosa match up to AMT versions. We have clients asking us these questions and I dont know how to answer them. Is there an online resource that explains this? What i am looking for is something like:

Santarosa = AMT2.x and is forNotbooks.

Weybrindge = AMT 2.x and is for Desktops

Problems with AMT Passwords


Has anyone had problems with AMT passwords?

I'm finding that certain characters cause problems - if you enter these characters into the BIOS AMT password, you can't log in remotely.

If I reset the AMT settings back to defaults, then enter passwords such as:





Then AMT fails to set these passwords as the network password. It accepts them as the BIOS AMT password, but leaves the network password as it was, so AMT Commander or SyAM can't connect.

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