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Visitor Management System

Cogent has now released a new product for Visitor Management. Product details can be found in our website at

Some of the special features of this product are visitor management, visitor tracking, Visitor Badge, visitor management system, gate pass, visitor management software, visitor register, visitor tracking software, pass visitor, material Movement, material register, office administration, Security Badge, security asset management, guard management security


Questions about AMT

AMT looks like a cool technology for our applications. I plan to build an AMT network through internet connection. Here are my questions:

1. Shall I run DTK or especially MC (Management Console) on an AMT enabled PC to control AMT clients? That is can I control AMT clients on a non-AMT computer with Windows or Linux?

2. Shall I need a server (such as Windows Server 2003) to management and control AMT PC clients?

3. Are there any motherboards that support both vPro and SLI/Crossfire graphics card?

4. Does AMT support Linux?

AMT Discovery, 10 Connection Limit for Windows XP

Hi Ylian,

In DTK's code you discovered AMT machines by using asynchronous operation for connecting socket, is there any particular reason for doing this, can't we use regular socket connect (C++, not C#) operation for connecting, infact I am using connect() (C++) for sockets, and in another thread, monitoring the socket, if does't connect in 500ms I do a closesocket on it. Shouldn't this work, it works to some extent but after 10 openings it stops for some time (around 20 sec) and then moves on.



vPro and Remote "desktop"

I recently found about vPro and couldnt wait to get my hands on a machine with it. since i work from home alot and use a KVM-Over-IP to instal windows and troubleshoot machines at the office

I understand that the AMT treminal connection is text only but is there any third party developed applications based on it with full remote control of the machine ......kinda like ILO2 on servers with full remote "desktop" even after boot, for windows itself, win setup, or other gui based apps that run off boot like acronis imaginig software and such


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