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vPro and Remote "desktop"

I recently found about vPro and couldnt wait to get my hands on a machine with it. since i work from home alot and use a KVM-Over-IP to instal windows and troubleshoot machines at the office

I understand that the AMT treminal connection is text only but is there any third party developed applications based on it with full remote control of the machine ......kinda like ILO2 on servers with full remote "desktop" even after boot, for windows itself, win setup, or other gui based apps that run off boot like acronis imaginig software and such


SCS 3.1: Missing ADDN Attribute Error

The followingissue with the SCS 3.1 has recently been discovered.Setting the OU for Active Directoryto NULL will result in the following error: Missing ADDN Attribute

Workaround: Do not set the Active DirectoryOU to NULL, even if you are not using Active Directory. Seeting the OU field to NULL will result in the above error and provisioning will not be successful.

AMT Software for hardware inventories

I work for a small reseller, and would like to know what software is available that can use AMT to perform Hardware Inventory on system thatis in our shop. We would like to be able to keep detailed hardware information on all AMT capable systems we produce for maintance and record keeping purposes.

Can you provide us with information on which software applications, either from Intel or a third party, can perform this function?

hard drive mapping via IDER

I'm working on an application using IDER. I know that I can reboot into remoted floppy or CD, also into .IMG or .ISO file. I'm also able to use files stored on my redirected floppy or CD on my remote computer. But I have a question: is it possible to map a hard drive so I could use files from redirected hard drive on my remoted computer?


"Missing registry key for PKI provisioning" error


We bought a VerisignSSL certificate to test the default hash in the AMT client for PKI provisioning. The cert was resquested and installed using IIS. I'm getting the following error: "Missing registry key for PKI provisioning, make sure at least one certificate is selected for PKI provisioning." Am I missing a registry key or is there a way to select? Here is the PKI provisioning attempt:

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