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SCS - Exception while provisioning AMT


I am working with the Intel SCS, I
have already been able to install the Windows Service and the

SCS is set to work without TLS and it is not integrated with Active Directory yet.

I have generated the PID/PPS keys
and already set this keys to my AMT machine which has been pre-provisioned (admins
password changed, SCS server IP Address and port set,

Unable to fully unprovision intel AMT platform using BIOS

Hi all,

1) I initially configured intel amt machine to Small Business mode and tested its features, that worked.

2) Then I manually put PID/PPS pair in that machine and did appropriate SCA configuration to to test it in enterprise mode, it did't work, its OK.

3) Now I am trying to unconfige the AMT machine using BIOS, but its not working, I want PID/PPS pair erased. BIOS is not even showing PID/PPS option there.

Problems Provisioning AMT machine with USB

Hi Ylian and Holmes,

I have problem configuring AMT machine with USB. I inititally configured AMT in small business mode to test features with AMT Commander, it worked.

Then I un-provisioned AMT (I think I did it correctly), used create_usb_file.bat (I modified this batch file a bit) to format usb and it created the setup.bin file in the usb. but it is not configuring AMT with PID/PSS,

I plugin usb, start pc (pc is now in factory mode), but it does't reads PID/PPS from USB ..

SCS integration with Active Directory

I have already installed SCS (server and Console) I am able
to successfully connect to SCS Server from the console and create profiles, set
passwords, etc.

When I check the "Integrate with active directory" option I am told
to enable this functionality extending Active Directory schema with Intel
Management Engine.

I have found the script (BuildSchema.VBS) installed at my SCS server and also
the references at the Installation and User guide, but it is not clear enough
for me.

How to Get Event Record in Understandable Form


If read the Events with EventSimulation.exe it will display
the events in this form , which are not understandable form.
DeviceAddress 255
Entity 34
EventSensorType 15
EventSourceType 104
EventSeverity 1
SensorNumber 255
TimeStamp 6/4/2007 7:45:46 PM (UTC)

If we check with internet explorer it will display in this form

How to make blocks visible using AMT Storage


I have written a library thatused storage APIs to register app, add and remove blocks of data.

If I load my library using regular test app (dialog based application) I can register app and add blocks of data and remove them as needed.

When I use the same library with my service, I can register an app, and I can see that ISVS_AllocateBlock returns success but allocated block is always invisible,

even though parameter BlockHidden is always set to false.

Thank you for your input


HP DC7700


I'm currently testing our software against HP DC7700's and have encountered a problem that I hope someone can help me with. The problem is as follows:

The HP systems BIOS was very old, v1.05. As this version is known to have problems i updated the BIOS with v2.10 (The version for systems with Intel ME).

After the upgrade my BIOS gives the following system information:

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