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Where to get CA plugin option?

Brand new install of Intel SCS v9.0.23.10 in non-database mode. Need to do zero touch to a lot of far away AMT v9.0 clients.

After launching the Intel SCS console and stepping through the configuration profile wizard to "Transport Layer Security", a little blue "i" says:

"The CA plugin option is not available because a CA plugin was not loaded"

Where is this CA plugin option so a certificate can be purchased and used?

Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Error

I have been experiencing persistent problems with my system (DVD drives not working, excessively long boot sequences etc) for some time now. A recent fresh install of Windows 7 seemed to do the trick but now the problem is back.

I have just noticed that the Intel Management Engine Interface is showing a yellow error

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Any ideas as to the cause

Does Intel chipset on Windows 7 support a USB3.0 class driver(KMDF) that is made using WDK8.1 ?

Hi, I'm planning to make a USB3.0 class driver(KMDF) with WDK8.1 for my PC that has an Intel chipset. 

Details of my PC:
  Model: DELL Optiplex 9020
  OS: Windows 7 Professional 32bit SP1
  Chipset: Intel Q87 Express
  CPU: Intel Corei7
Can I make a class driver for my PC ?
If not, how about another Windows 7 PC that has an another Intel Chipset ?

AMT event log error

start from yesterday, my AMT event log start showing the following error, and the machine power is off, 

does any one have similar problem?


0:15 am
Intel® AMT
Operating system lockup or power interrupt.


0:13 am
Intel® AMT
Operating system lockup or power interrupt.


AMT ports are closed

Hi.  We have an Intel S1200BT based system and we are unable to access Intel AMT on TCP ports 16992 or 16993.  We're able to access the BMC web interface on port 80, use the Java based remote console (port 7578), perform IPMI requests, and access the SMASH-CLP console, but for some reason AMT seems to have its WS-Management ports disabled?  A basic telnet connection attempt to ports 16992 and 16993 results in "Connection refused".

How to get vPro / AMT e-mail alerts?


All these years I always hear how wonderful vPro / AMT is. Now as a small business customers I am looking for a simple way to receive e-mail alerts, e.g. as soon as a system fan of an vPro PC or AMT enabled server fails. So far I have not found any such program. Is their any such software available without having to spend a lot of money for some overkill enterprise monitoring solution?

Thanks in advance.


AMT shared ip, no access

Hi all,

I have several  AMT box's and one is prooving to be a pain,  I have configured a shared dedicated ip address, and can access that ip address via wsman across the lan, all settings *appear* to be the same as other working box's however this one just wont give me access to the webgui, nor vnc even then it is configured.   I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips as to what to check ?

best regards


Intel AMT SDK IntelAMT9.5.0.30Gold sleep/hibernate new features issues

Hello! I have downloaded IntelAMT9.5.0.30Gold SDK (I could download it only in IE, because of it's "resume" button - download was interrupted for about 4 times...), and right now i am trying to make the computer to go to sleep (with the new sleep API from sdk 9.x). It fail 100% of times, because: "Requested operation is not allowed in AMT system's current state." error. I tried it on many systems: haswell, ivy and sandy - all same result. The power state of my system was ON - S0.

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