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Quytech( is a leading mobile application developement company and provides mobility solutions on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone including tablets.

Having global presence, Quytech has been working on Enterprise Mobility, Mobile CRM and Augmented reality apart from other business and consumer apps.

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how do you backup your ipod music?

I wanna download some new music but my ipods running out of space. I really dont wanna delete any single song, how can i backup them to my computer? They said I can copy the songs to anywhere on pc but that didnt work at all, when ipod was pluged in there was no music(only some pictures) shown on the computer! I know there must be one solution, anyone know how ?

Preparing an app for international markets: 12 do's/dont's in software development before internationalization

Given the international reach you can have with a mobile app, it is important for developers to follow basic internationalization (i18n) principles while developing software. This will greatly helpfacilitate localization efforts and meet time-to-market requirements for all the required languages, not just the source.

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