Adobe* Premiere* Plugin using Intel® Media SDK 2.0 (Archived)

End of Life Date Required for DON purchase

I have been trying to find the Life Cycle documentation for Intel Composer XE 2013 for Windows and Intel Composer XE 2013 for Linux. In order to purchase this software for the Navy, we are required to prove that the specific versions are supported. What they specifically require is an end-of-life date for each version provided by the vendor it can be an e-mail, on the web site, etc. I have tried calling the vendor as well as Intel to no avail. Can you help me with this? A specific date needs to be listed don’t just 2 versions back, etc.

Intel SDK Encoder from Premiere color problems

Now I saw back in November there was a similar post, and I have read things saying the graph edit reduces some of the problems and it might be from an incorrect RGB -> YUV -> H264 conversion process.Unfortunately I am not adept enough at programming to figure out how to fix the premiere plug in...I hope this issue has been changed or there is a suitable work around because I really enjoy the speed increase that the plug in provides.A little about my system: Intel 2600k running at 4.1ghz, 16gb ram, an intel ssd, and a gigabyte motherboard.First image is video outputted from the adobe p

Audio out of sync with Plugin encoder

Wanted to capture this for others: when encoding from MJPEG from Blackmagic captures to H264 using this plugin we're seeing the audio slowly desync over time, so after ~20mins the audio is 1-2seconds out, which unfortunately makes it unusable. This was encoded using the software not hardware option.I believe this may be due to the fact we're changing video FPS and audio HZ during encode, which is required because to the lack of options in this prototype i.e.

Premiere + Intel Plugin + FPS above 30 fails to encode

Seems that selecting output FPS above 30 instantly fail the encoding.We're currently trying to encode our videos @ 59.94 fps but if we select this in the output format using the intel quick path plugin for Adobe Premiere CS5.5 the encode just fails instantly.We've tried at 25fps and that works fine but that appears to cause audio video de-sync issues :(

Feedback on the plugin

I recently had the chance to test this feature out on Premiere Pro.

The computer we installed it on has a i7-2600K with 16gb ram, and a new Z68 motherboard with lucid VIRTU installed. After installing the plugin and making sure VIRTU would hand over to quick sync for Premiere Pro, a H264 render that normally took 15 minutes with no special hardware acceleration (no hardware mercury playback) took only 3 minutes to render with the Intel SDK plugin. An amazing increase in speed.

Finally got the plugin working, but there are issues...

You may have seen a post from me a little earlier, in which I was struggling to get the QuickSync plugin working.

After A LOT of playing around I found that due to the IntelMSDKExporter.prm plugin, Premiere was trying to load the following libraries:

  • dxva2.dll
  • d3d9.dll
  • d3d8hk.dll
  • ippac-7.0.dll

I resolved these issues by downloading and installing:

Can't see Media SDK in list of output option

I have installed the Media SDK 2.0 Gold (not installed the DirectShow or MediaFoundation samples).

I have also downloaded the export plugin and placed in the the folders indicated in the install instructions, but I do not see the "Intel Media SDK" option when exporting from Premeiere, or using Adobe Media Encoder.

When these applications start up I do see the export plugin flash up as it loads along with all the other plugins.

Am I missing something?

Win 7 x64
Adobe CS5

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