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Announcing CnC'11: the Third Annual CnC Workshop

Please join us for CnC'11, the third annual Concurrent Collections workshop thats part of the 24th International Workshop on Languages and Compillers for Parallel Computing from September 7-10, 2011 at Colorado State University. Meet Kath Knobe, Intel Concurrent Collections Chief Scientist and learn more about Concurrent Collections.

Regarding scalability with number of threads of a simple CnC program

Hi,I wrote a simple program that simple generates tags and processes them (attached below). However its performance degrades when I increase the number of threads. Would very appreciate any insight has to how/why to address the scalability issue.ThanksSandeep//Stack.cnc;; :: (l1compute); :: (l2compute);env->;(l1compute)->;;;
:: (l1compute); :: (l2compute);

cross-join in CnC

Hello,I am using CnC in my PhD research, as a compilation-target for a dataflow quantum simulator.During this work it is common to create the 'cross join' product of two (gigantic) sets, representing the tensor- or kronecker product of two vectors.What would be the recommended way to do this efficiently, given that each set is a simple item collection with an associated tag collection? Currently I can think of two ways, each of which seems to suspend or depend too much.a) a generator step (prescribed by a single tag element) that generates all pairs as tags.

What happens with duplicate tag values?

I was playing around with one of the CnC sample codes and found that if I have duplicate identifiers (tag components?) within an item collection, all but one of the items put into the collection are inaccessible. My code was taking a single integer pair (N, M), generating N steps, which in turn generate M steps each, and compute a simple value. For the results item collection, I was using the values of the second step (1..M) as tag components. The execution yielded N results, not N*M as expected.

Divide and Conquer Example

I'm working my way through the CnC tutorial. For the Divide and Conquer example, I've recreated the graph shown in Figure 9-3 (p. 53) (see attached graph.gif). When I translate the graph, I get a different text representation than what is shown in the Tutorial. My results are attached in my_results.gif and they don't match the code on page 53.

Execution problem with VS 2010

I'm trying to build and run the CnC Samples included with the 0.6 installation. I'm using Visual Studio 2010 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise system. The samples build fine, but when I attempt to run the executables they don't even get started. From the command line, I get an error that says the cnc_debug.dll file is not present (it is) and reinstalling the package might help. Placing the needed CnC DLL file in the execution directory doesn't fix this, either.

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