Intel® Energy Checker SDK (Archived)

CPU MSR support on Linux


Here is a new driver for energy checker to support the energy readings from the CPU MSR on Intel Sandybridge and later. It currently only works on Linux but can serve as a base for implementation on other systems. The code directory has to be extracted on utils/device_driver_kit/src/ and the Makefile replaces the one provided in utils/device_driver_kit/build/linux. To build the library, simply type "make cpu_msr_driver" in utils/device_driver_kit/build/linux.

Sample application/guide/tutorial??


I've been trying to use Energy Checker API, but I couldn't figure out how to build applications that are instrumented through EC. SDK User Guide is helpful but there aren't any complete examples of a instrumented application. I'm working on a Linux environment and I've trying to instrument some complicated parallel codes. Is it possible to provide a complete instrumentation example of a real application (like PovRAY example) to make the Energy Checker more accessible. I know I need to define some Linux headers and install some libraries (for example for using UUID properly).

Per Core Power Measurement / Intel Power Sensors ??

I would like to know if there a way to measure power for any of Intel processors on per core basis.People normaylly use external power analayzers to measure total power for all cores.But not on per-core basis.Are there any "electrical" power sensors in any of microprocessors just like the DTS sensors ???

Temperature server not starting Fedora 16

Hello Again!When I try to launch it:./tsrv --start --library ./ dind't get any uuid, guid, or path to an ini file.I'm attaching also the strace and ltrace output:- ltrace hangs at:pthread_barrier_wait- strace hangs at: futex callI also tried to use a module created by me, usising the templates provided in the source code. The mos simple one, only set to 50 both temperature and humidity (hardcoded).Can you help me?thanks!-----------------BEGIN tsrt output

UUID Library Issues

Hi,I just tried to compile IEC SDK today.I successfully used the pl_open function from Shell (Ubuntu)However, when I tried to compile the code, tried both on WIndows and Linux, I get compile error regarding the type uuid_t.I have completely failed to resolve the issue of uuid library.Can you point to where this library is available and how can I install this library ??---

Energy estimation on linux

Hi folks,I saw there's a related thread on it was asked about an estimative tool/model in case you could not plug a digital power meter, but intel power gadget does not works on linux.Is there any other alternative or some work i can do to have something somilar?Is nowadays energy checker capable to do something like?thanks!Diego.

I can not use the API

I am interested in the project. So I downloaded the ICE SDK. But I cannot build all the projects in iesdk.sln. Only eight of them were built successfully. Besides, when I use the productivity_link.h and productivity_link.c to write my own programm, there are some errors in the productivity_link.h. I don't know why. Is there something required but I didn't note it ? Please help me.

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