Intel® Performance Tuning Utility (Archived)

PTU - Use with MPI?

Just wanted to see if anyone had tried using PTU with an MPI application? I'm particularly interested in whether I can get MPI to launch PTU on each node of a cluster and then get PTU to execute my application. I realize I can login to each host for a run and profile what's going on with the host, but I'm curious about getting the profile done in a complete "batch" mode in order to allow profile jobs to be submitted to a cluster being managed by a queueing system.

I will try this, but just wanted to see if I anyone might already have some experience with this.

PTU - Initial Impressions

I just started using PTU for profiling of a commercial simulation (finite element) code. I am testing on 64-bit Windows (XP) and Linux 64-bit x86.We have struggled with VTune for a number of years, and so far PTU is making a very good impression.

Overall I think this is a very good effort, and I'm very happy to see Intel making this tool available.

Things that are particularly appealing.

(1) Sampling-base call graph profiling. The efficiency is very nice.

Intel Performance Tuning Utility

The Intel Performance Tuning Utility (Intel PTU) is a powerful
analysis tool set. It offers a low overhead statistical call graph. For
experienced tuners, it offers the power of the processor hardware event
counters for a detailed look into the performance of the memory system,
for architectural tuning, and more. This tool features advanced control
flow analysis and event over IP graphs to help you navigate the
disassembly, in case you dont have access to the source code. The
Intel Performance Tuning Utility is available for both Windows and

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