Level Up 2010 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

Unbelievable! So Intel Level Up 2010 was a HOAX?

A mom-and-pop shoe repair shop would have performed more professionally than Intel. Intel was 5+ weeks late to notify the finalists and as of right now they are over a week late to publish the finalist list. Who, at Intel, is handling this contest? This is an international contest and countless people all over the planet keep an eye on it. Not to mention the word of mouth. What a black eye for Intel! And whats this deafening silence? A multi-billion $$ business cant handle a contest with less than 1,000 submissions? DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Problem with the contest end date.

As a result of the delay in processing the entries, we now have less time to work on the project.
The time between finalist announcement and contest end is less then the rules stated it would be, and for students its getting worse still. We had intended to leverage a possible finalist position to attract artists to our game's cause. However because of this delay we now have much less time to do so, directly affecting our chances at the competition as a result of Intel's handling of the matter.

Can I use DarkGDK to make a Netbook game ?

I wanted to know if I can use DarkGDK (from 'the game creators') to make my Netbook entry.DarkGDK says"Dark GDK is free, distributed with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. If you wish to sell games made with Dark GDK then you will need acommercial license."So is it going to be a problem if I make my Netbook entry with DarkGDK ?

Questions about final executables

Good morning :)

Two questions:

1. For the demo executable, is it alright if the art/sound assets are external to the .exe? Basically, the executable would launch and then load the assets from the required directories, rather than "single file" deployment.

2. Are installers acceptable? I mean, the game executable checks for the presence of a framework or something, and then installs it if not found on the machine.

Thanks, have a great day, everyone!

Please confirm setup for laptop

In the contest rules the test machine for the Laptop category is stated as: "Lenovo* ThinkPad* T43 laptop with an ATI* Mobility Radeon* x300 graphics
card". Could someone at intel give us the actual stats of the test machine (i.e. onboard memory, video memory, CPU type...). All the information that I can find about the Lenovo* ThinkPad* T43 seems to be about 5 years old. I am hoping that the test laptop is more powerful than a netbook!


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