Level Up 2011 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

Contest Entry Confirmation

Can i get confirmation on my entry please? it says uploaded and submitted but, I want to make sure, also, what if theres a small update file ? like 2mb ? do you guys mind adding it to the folder ? or do i have to reupload ?Ive heard people make mention of a filesize limit, my demo is 200mb and it got uploaded, is this okay? Is the limit on the upload itself ?

Zip size?

Hi i was looking through the rules and got a bit confused. Is there a size limit and is 15.8 MB over the limit.
If so what can i do to make it under the limit. Thanks in advance.


The Judges Choice Skills / Craft Categories?

Hi, it's not clear if we should select just one of these catagories or a selection of them. The form has tick boxes so we assumed that we could tick more than one (which we did). When we come to edit the entry we find it is only remembering one of those choices.Your advice on this would be much appreciated.Rick

What is the zip file limit?

Hi,******Update******I decided to split the game into 20 meg files and have uploaded these as attachments to the submission text. Can you please verify that you have our submission are you are happy with it?Rick Vanner-------------Older message;-------------I want to upload our game demo and I have seen that there is some kind of limit on zip files and that they must be split into smaller files.

Description format

I have tried a few times now to properly format my Idea Description for my entry, but each time all the line endings and tabs get removed and everything ends up swashed together. I've tried adding HTML, but that too gets squashed and I just see raw html.

How do I properly edit my Idea Description and preserve formating?


Confirmation of successful upload

I finally was able to upload my demo. As I mentioned in another thread, I had to split it in seven zip files because the website was rejecting it for some strange reason without any kind of warning message.
I downloaded them again to check their integrity and are fine.

Regardless, I would appreciate to see some confirmation that the seven files are successfully uploaded (i.e. displayed in the website as you can see it), and that split-zipped files are fine for the contest.

Can i submit two demos of different genre with a single level in each.

HiWe are small time developers working on small game projects.We have two demo levels one which comes under a shooter genre demo which we named a brutal kill.We do have another single demo level of a side scroll 3D level which comes under an action adventure genre.Can i submit these two demo levels separately.In other words can i submit two demo levels for this competetion since the two levels we have fall under two different genre and we are planning for the best fit for both.Please help us.Thank you.Sid

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