Level Up 2011 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

Controller Requirement

1. I`m assuming that XNA as an API doesn`t pose any issues, since it`s based on DirectX9 - right ?

2. The game requires an XBOX controller to play. Is that an unreasonable requirement, considering this is a game-dev contest ? I`m guessing that all judges should have one, but I figured I`d ask first.

3. How can I test the executable on a target configuration ? I might need to tweak the shaders, textures, postprocessing or LOD - based on how fast the target GPU is - but that`s impossible without at least couple test runs. Any ideas ?

Three weeks to go!

Good afternoon!

While I have exersized restraint and NOT gone in to preview anyone's submitted entries I know we have a good batch of demos already submitted (I peeked at the screen shots folks sent). I also see currently about 35 entries with no executable or images attached.

I suspect most people created a placeholder entry and will be uploading their executables as they complete their demos. When you go to submit, you attach your images and executable (or zipped package) by using the "add files" button above the text editor.

Where to upload my entry?

I'm not sure if there wasn't such question, but where to exactly upload my demo? As an attachment to my entry? Or there is some other place?

Oh, one more question: I had a double post of my entry because of my internet connection. And there is no function to delete it. What should I do?

Lim Ilya

Can we work on the trail version of the engines...


We are working on the Unity3D engine we do have basic version as well as a pro for a trail period of 30 days.Can we work on the trail version of the engine to get an edge at the competition.

Do these things attract any restrictions to participate in this competition.Kindly help.

Thank you.


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