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Xeon E5 v3 Cluster on die technology

I am currently investigating how to enhance performance isolation and predictability on the latest Intel platforms, in particular on Xeon E5 v3 (Haswell).

To this aim, I am envisioning to exploit the Cluster-on-die mechanism, but I have some questions.


1) on multiple internet sources I read that it is available only in models with 10 or more cores, since they arrange cores and LLC slices on two ring buses, each one with a System Agent. Can someone confirm this?


Hardware Performance Counters


   I am new to this forum and I want to know about the Hardware performance counters in detail.My system has Xeon processor (X7350).Currently I am focusing on power related performance events but I don't know which one are power related. So let me know where I can find the detailed architecture of Xeon processor and basics of Hardware performance counters related to the corresponding architecture.

  Thanks in advance.

i7 5960x

Hi I have an I7 5960x CPU and I will use it for real time visualization of data and etc. I was wondering if there is any particular graphic card you would suggest me to use with it, again considering that my need is for really fast visualization rather then high quality visualization(i.e. gaming purpose). Thank you





Is it possible to disable or not use the Last Level Cache in Intel IvyBridge CPU?


I want to do an experiment which test the performance degradation and effect on the scheduling when CPU has no shared Last Level Cache.

I was able to "disable" all caches, i.e., not allowing the OS to use the caches. 

However, I have to do some experiment when CPU only has the private L1 and L2 cache, and does not use the L3 shared cache. 

So my question is:

Is it possible to not use the L3 cache but use the L1 and L2 cache for the IvyBridge CPU? 

I need a software for simulating Clovertown

Hi all,

I am researching on CMP scheduling. I need a software to simulate Clovertown where is able to run my muli-threaded applications. The software must support cohorency protocols and its simulatio speed is high. I have tested various simulators, but some of them havenot satisfied my needs or thier simualtion speed was slow. Could you help me to find a suitable simulator?


Working principle of Intel (R) Processor Diagnostic Tool


My name is Alexey,

I'm going to write a term paper on Error reaviling in processor functioning. Could you be so kind to consult me about Intel(R) Processor Diagnostic Tool.

I took advantage of the proposed program to test CPU, but for the completion of this work I need to provide technical documentation and and function of software that was used.I would be very grateful, if you could help me in this matter.

Inconsistency in the IPCC RFP

The RFP page for Intel Parallel computing centers has Dec 2nd has the deadline for submitting proposals:

while, the top-level academic program page has Dec 1st as the deadline:

Does anyone know if the deadline was extended by a day, or if it was a typo in either one of the pages?


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