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i want Advice


I want some guidence as i want to make my career with INTEL.I have recently completed my bachelor from computer science and if i want to get opportunity at intel ,what should i do to move ahead with multi threaded programming.I want information about what language i can choose,any examination for intel certification etc etc.i would be very thankful if i get appropriate answer

All Things Considered: What will you need to host a three-day training class on multi-core programming?


Suppose your university or department has instructors who are capable of teaching the Intel Multi-core Faculty Training class, the next step is to figure out what hardware and software you will need, and the guidelines to setup a classroom environment to facilitate the class. it is assumed that you have joined Intel Academic Community and enrolled in Intel ISN membership which will entitle member to freely download the course materials and use fully functional Intel software needed for this multi-cores faculty training.

Dirty Rotten Cheaters in the News, October 2008: It's only business...

Its only business, right?

Ive only recently become aware of The Business Ethics Blog, written by Chris MacDonald. He seems to do a really nice job of integrating differing approaches to various ethical issues du jour, using a writing style that is clear and seems to work gangbusters for me.

Would you use this introductory material on parallelism in your classes? Why or why not?

Would you use this introductory material on parallelism in your classes? Why or why not?




Introduction to Parallel Programming

InstructionalDesign Document

Version: October 17, 2008 v.2

1. Module Name: Introduction to Parallel Programming

2. Writers: CAT Staff

3. Targeted availability: [Intel internal date] (Coincident with Faculty Training 2.1)

4. Brief Module Description

Would you be interested in adding a lecture on Parallel Architecture for Games, described in this design document? Why or why not?

1. Course Name: Parallel Architecture for Games
2. Writers: Mike Pearce, et al.
3. Targeted availability: Q4 2008
4. Brief Course Description

This module examines a game architecture developed by Intel, designed to take advantage of all CPU cores available within a system. This courseware explores how to support and overcome the challenges of parallelism in the context of a modern game architecture. It also provides a parallel framework on which to build threaded scalable games.

Is more training required on Performance Counters???

Just this week I received an email from a faculty member who asked if I would consider adding a module to our instructor lead faculty training course. The idea for the module would be based around performance counters. Speficially, the request read:
"Have you ever considered a module on performance counters?
perfex/PAPI/perfctr and the like? " - See -

Wimax implementation

myself in electronics and telecommunication seeking your permission foer development of wimax in bhubaneswar telecom circle. hence im seeking necessary permissions on this regard.I need adress of wimax program office in india for which i shall be highly thankful to you.waiting for an immediate response.

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