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About registers in i7

Hello, I'm a student and this semester I'm learning Computer Architecture. Well, I don't know if my question is supposed to be answered here, but I apologize if it is not.

Well, I'd like to know the number of register that the processor i7 has. I've been searching but until now I didn't find much. I'm reading the datasheet of i7-900 vol 2 and trying to find out. There're descriptions of some registers, but how about the overall quantity of registers? I'm quite unsure yet, but I'll keep reading.

Academic Programs by IT Comapies (Dreamspark, etc)

I was wondering if their are more different offerings by Computer/Software companies that are like the Microsoft Dreakspark Program and Intel Academic Community which proviede software (free) and information to Students and/or Institutes. If anyone knows of any could you please list them for me.

BTW: I only know of Microsoft DreamSpark and Intel Academic Community

Dave Mejias New Member!

Hey mates, I'm Dave Mejias. I'm excited to join this website and to begin being involved, as I've just lately become interested in all items academic associated. I've spent hours researching the world wide web, and think that this can be the spot exactly where I want to settle down and discover more.

If you guys know exactly where I should begin, any specific posts I really should read to start in this forum community, I would appreciate it if you could post a handful of links beneath so I can get caught up. Appreciate your support ahead of time. Thanks.

Best Regards,

How to cite intel example in thesis/dissertation

I am a student working on a final project that required me use NETLIB's CLAPACK library's ZGEEV function to compute the eigen - values of a matrix. This was only part of a longer code that computes the roots a polynomial. I found an example from INTEL, which I slightly altered to meet the goals of what I intended to do.

Intel press ebook download failed & no serial id

Hi intel rep,

I bought 2 books, software optimization cookbook 2nd edition, and software vectorization handbook.

For the software optimization cookbook 2nd edition, I registered it in my a/c but it always stop downloading at 7mb (the total file size is 9.2mb), I tried with firefox IE opera , from home & office , with or without proxy, no help, always stop at 7mb, of course it means failed.

For the software vectorization handbook, I can't find the serial number, so can't register this book, what should I do if I want the ebook version?

short Training on prallel programming for multicore machines


I am looking for some summer school/workshop/training course in UK or
Europe, on Parallelising the computer vision applications for multicore
machines to optimise performance using Intel software developemnt
products e.g. Intel C++ studio including TBB, OpenMP for multithreading
and Intel Performance Primitives for optimising existing Computer
vision code.
I have tried to search but can't find any.
Any guidance in this regard will be appreciated.

Thank you.



ifort12 takes long time to compile allocatable module variables

I have been working with ifort11 and just recently have
changed to ifort12. However, to compile the same code, ifort12 takes a
couple of minutes to compile some modules that ifort11 used to compile
in a couple of seconds. The particular modules that show the problem
have an allocatable module array declaration, like the one below.
I would like to know what is going on.

module this_module

use other modules , only: functions, subroutines

public :: subroutine_A


intel atom d425kt board startup sequence

i am working on intel atom d425kt motherboard fearturing INTEL ATOM D425 processor and NM10 CHIPSET. The documentation for this board shows that an SPI based flash is used for BIOS and is connected to the CHIPSET. The processor and chipset are inturn connected by a DIRECT MEIDIA INTERFACE (DMI, similar to pci). However what i could not figure out is how the processor control goes from reset vector to SPI bios.

any help would be much appreciated...


I can't download material for the course war.

As in the title i wan't to download this material :'m loged and i have checked "I have read and agree with the" on the download page and select all.When i hit submit i get this page and nothing happens :

About parallel programming in javascript

Hi everyone!I saw many months ago these links about javascript parallel have a step-by-step guide for implement some example? ( since installation)I have trying to create repositories in javascript ( like threads that try to do something each 300 ms or 500 ms ).

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