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i use intel fortran compiler for linux in ROMS Model, i got this message as warning:

ifort: command line warning #10212: -fp-model precise evaluates in source precision with Fortran

what should i do to resolve this problem



How To Select x86 Intel 64 Processor Operating Mode When Developping A Program ?



     je souhaiterais savoir comment un programmeur peut sélectionner

le mode d'operation du processeur lorsqu'il réalise un programme ? (Disons en assembleur, sous Visual Studio).

En effet, la documentation des processeurs fait référence à différents mode opératoires

tels que (mode réel, mode protégé, SSM, mode de compatibilité, mode 64 bits),

et je ne parviens pas à comprendre comment est sélectionné ce mode.

Est-ce une option à régler dans le compilateur, est-ce un mot clef à utiliser dans le programme ?


address burst

good day! 

i have been studying the intel addressing but i am not finding the burst read cycle, burst write, read or write cycle, inta cycles and all the cycles and bus timings for the pentiums over the P5 microarchitecture.i don't ask to explain them to me, i want a reference to an intel book to download and read of it . these timings were shown in the intel pentium developer's manual volume1, but in the next pentium book they are not showing them.

[urgent] Problem with result page


I have a problem with my result page. The next step is not starting.

The last line shows

Run time (s)
Minutes ago



OK - next step : 2013summer_2_xeon
285 mn
2013-12-16 13:06:03

since then, nothing happend.

I heard of at least 2 other class-mates with the same problem. And Paul Guermonprez is out of office till  jan 7th.

How to deal with incomplete templates


in the summer_1-benchmark are several incomplete templates which should not be found.

In the summer_3-benchmark is a rotated template at position 9344 / 2184, which is also incomplete but should be found (according to expected.txt).

Can someone explain, when a template should be considered incomplete? (In the summer-3-case, only "a few" pixels at the bottom are missing.)




Downscaling factor


in test scenarios there's cases where pattern is downscaled for some arbitrary scaling factor.

Now, in program we have scaling factor for arguments, but, what is downscaling factor? Is it same as scaling or?


Thanks, Dusan.

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