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Cordova Media Plugin - Audio stops playing after a second


I'm building an HTML5 iOS application using the Intel XDK. I'm using the Cordova Media plugin to play .wav audio files. For some reason, the audio will only play for about a second before quickly fading out. I can't figure out why this is happening. 

I have two buttons, one that toggles recording audio and another to toggle playing the recorded audio. Here are the relevant javascript functions. 

Symbols not found - .pdb files

I would like to have more info about the pdb files which should be associated with the analysis.

  • Should the pdb file be the result from the same compilation that gave the .dll that I wish to inspect ? 
  • If a lib is linked to the dll that i want to inspect, should i have the pdb for the lib ? should they be the exact pdb files that were generated at the same time as the lib that is linked ?

Thanks for your help

MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeFrameAsync API questions


    I used samples code provided by intel to decode H264 stream on windows7 with 3rd generation of i5 core. I found that performance of Software decoding and Hardware decoding are almost similar . Hence in order to make Hardware platform decoder more faster i wanted to avoid the output frame copy to CPU and see performance.But this MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeFrameAsync api  does not provide any option nor any control to experiment something like this.

Is there anyway that i can do this experiment and also evaluate hardware performance? Or am i missing something ?


FORTRAN subroutine not running from VBA call

Hello, dear fellow developers!

Well, I have kind of a weird problem. I have a Module in FORTRAN with several subroutines, some of which are called from a Main and others that are called from other subroutines within the module. That worked really fine (amazing, I would say :) ). But I transformed my main into a subroutine and complied the project into a .dll so that I could call it from an Excel VBA macro... There isn't any problem with this part, until a subroutine calls another subroutine. More or less, the subroutines are:

Product Update

We are using Intel Composer XE 11.1 with icc version as 11.1 20090511

I want to install available updates for my current license.

This current version has issue for example as discussed below.

One of the cluster user is getting following error while building source of milcv7.7.8 code.

com_mpi.o: In function initialize_machine': ../generic/com_mpi.c:(.text+0xb447): undefined reference to_mm_idivrem_epi32'

segmentation fault

I am working on a openmp enabled code . whenever I make a native run there is segmentation fault on MIC but code runs fine on XEON .

Arrays are 64 byte aligned and using #pragma vector aligned in a for loop interestingly this pragma causes seg fault .

Removing the pragma resolves the problem but want to know why is it happening ,I an also using __assume_aligned inside function containg the for loop and memory is allocated using _mm_malloc .


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