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General UX feedback on Application Details

When editing application details for identity services such as the redirect URI and display name, it was very hard to find, looked all over and then realized you have to turn identity services off, and turn it back on to edit that information. seems like it would be nice if it rolled out in the + button pulldown area.


Default data format: Test returns JSON while Production returns XML

It appears that the default data format for production is XML, while the test API returns JSON by default when no "Accept" header is specified. I just searched our entire CSP project with our developer and see no additional request.Accept specifications. I stepped through the code with him and verified that setting accept to application/json did in fact change the response on production. 

 Is this expected behaviour and should be noted in the documentation? Had this changed?

Can't get the identity service to redirect to my app URL after login

Hi guys,

I've used this tutorial and the example code for the Identity service login: I can't get the redierction to occur - after both app and user login are succesful (TEST env.) nothing happens - the browser doesn't get redirected to my app. I believe i followed all the steps on the tutorial.

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