Ultrabook™ and Windows* 8

Problema con mi equipo Ultrabook Intel

Hola que tal, necesito ayuda para solucionar un problema con un equipo Intel Ultrabook con Windows 8.1.

Me encontraba trabajando normalmente con mi equipo cuando al momento de apagarla me dice que se esta actualizando el software del S.O. de Windows, la descarga de archivos y actualización se realizo normalmente ya que pude acceder de nuevo al siguiente día, sin embargo el equipo dejo de responder a los pocos minutos de estar trabajando en él y tuve que apagarlo presionado el botón de encendido hasta que se reinicio, fue ahí donde me apareció la siguiente instrucción:

Trackpad multitouch on my ubiv3srdq Intel SDP Ultrabook

I have a ubiv3srdq Intel SDP Ultrabook. My trackpad works, but only as a mouse. I can't use multi touch and gestures for scrolling, zooming, etc. I suppose it's drivers' fault. I tried to see which version I'm using, but trackpad isn't listed in Device Manager.

Does anyone know how to enable multi touch trackpad or which drivers to install?

I'm using Windows 8.1.

Thank you!

Ultrabook is not working

Last week my Ultrabook device stopped working. It was working and I put it on charging, but after then it didn't start.
Ultrabook shows power on indicator. And battery charging and full indication is also working.

I tried to remove the batter from inside the UB and after some time I reinserted it. When I powered it, the caps lock led and the other led (having '@' sign) started continuous blink. But the UB didn't bootup. I tried to reset the BIOS, by press & hold power key putting it in off mode. But it doesn't boot yet.

Local Database for windows8


   I am using intel XDK to create app for windows phone. I'm a beginner to this and previously I have worked with cordova (android) in which they support local database.


1. Do Intel XDK Windows 8 store build supports LOCAL DATABASE ?

2. On using CORDOVA build in windows 8 desktop, my app got stucked at the index page and it's not navigating to other pages. I'm suspecting that, CORDOVA build works only at mobile and not at windows 8 desktop, is that true ?

Kindly advice me on the following issues.




Flip the screen like xrandr -x

I have a HP computer with an Intel HD Graphics 4400 chipset. I have loaded Ubuntu onto the computer so now it's dual-boot.

In Ubuntu, I can flip the screen by opening a terminal and entering xrandr -x

I'm guessing the Ubuntu driver gets the graphics card to flip the screen by writing to a memory location on the card.

How can I persuade Windows 8 to flip the screen? Where do I start?



(I found this:


Intel ultrabook 2in1 and Unity 5


I'm using an Intel ultrabook 2in1!

I tried everything but I could not detect the change from Laptop Mode to Tablet Mode... Anybody here have any advice of how to achieve this on Unity?

This code seems to works on a default c# application but I could not make it works on Unity.




Any advice please?

Intel SDP Ultrabook replacement charger


My Intel ultra book SDP AC Adapter is not working and looking for a replacement. Can anyone point to the right link and internal specification such as  barrel size (2.5*0.7 or 5*2.1mm)

HIPRO HP-A0502R3D UP/N:A050R006L  PWRS-14000-148R 100-240 VAC 12VDC

UBIV3SRDQ  https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/392363

Bug to lost video thumbnail

It happened on Dell XPS 12 ultrabook. My latest testing is a brand new Intel NUC with Windows 8.1 Pro installed. So far everything is fine. Then Win8.1 asked to upgrade new patches, I run it and restarted. The video thumbnail lost in Windows Explorer. My app in Windows Store can not run MP4, WMV video anymore. 



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