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Linux / Xenomai, VTUNE crashes process / freezes system

[currently posting here since the Intel Premier Support portal does not seem to work for me - I stop at the first step, where I am unable to select my product. Forced to use Internet Explorer 9]


I am currently evaluating VTUNE Amplifier XE on a peculiar Linux setup (Gentoo-based) with a Linux 3.10.17 kernel patched with the Xenomai RT framework, release 2.6.4. I am currently looking for a Linux equivalent to the 'SystemViewer' profiler available on VxWorks systems.

(lmgrd) license manager: can't initialize

Dear sir,

We are in a nightmare, we do not succeed to install intel tools (compilers and studio for education) since july 2015. I have contacted intel support many times, and everytime they send me a new licence file. The last licence file I received does not work. We cannot lauch flexlm server. Here is the error message:

9:31:07 (lmgrd) license manager: can't initialize:No SERVER lines in license file. And when we put the previous licence file, we get the following error message when we try to use icc :

Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 8 was incorrect on entry to DGEMM

I have installed a package (WIEN2k) on a cluster which requires MKL. The sequential version of the package runs properly. However, for the MPI version, I got a run-time error as

Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 8 was incorrect on entry to DGEMM

I used the following option for compilation:

Comparison operator overridden in extending types

Dear All,

I have some problems with the == operator when using Intel 15. Below the self containing example demonstrating the issue. IMHO, the comparison between instances of the derived types calls the wrong routine (the one of the base type instead of the overriden one of the extending type), when the instances are accessed via class pointers of the base type. Other compilers do it differently, and although I do not have a detailed knowledge of the standard, the behaviour feels incorrect. Any views on that?

Best regards,


vectorization of short array constructor

forall(i=1:n/2) a(i*2-1:i*2)= b(i)+ [c(i),e(i)] *d(i)

generates efficiently vectorized code with current gfortran, but ifort says there is a dependency which prevents vectorization, regardless of application of directives etc.

Needless to say, more practical examples are more complicated than this, but they seem to encounter the same problem.

In general, one might be more interested in having this work with DO CONCURRENT, if not with original DO, but it seems there is no difference here among them.

OpenMP: initialize Threadprivate

Dear folks,
let's suppose to have this FORTRAN module:

MODULE MyUtility



INTEGER :: i1, i2, i3, i3

REAL*8 :: r1,r2,r3


SUBROUTINE work(x,y)

REAL*8 :: x,y

REAL*8, SAVE :: a

a = x*y

y = a*x




And let's suppose that, before parallelizing the code:

  • Each global variable is initialized before the parallel job

    They are independent inside the job

Namelist problem


I use the namelist to save the data to a file. If some variables in the namelist change places or if a new variable is added to the namelist, there is no problem when data are reading from the file. But if even one variable is deleted from the namelist, so other variables in the namelist can not be read from the file any more.

How can i read the data from the file if one variable is deleted from the namelist?

Thank you in advance!

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