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Compiler Settings for link fully static.

I am very sorry to open this topic again, which has been discussed in this forum many times before. Like here:

I am using Visual Studio 2010 Shell with Intel Fortran XE 14.0.2...

This are the Release-Settings:

Runtime Library: Multithreaded

Use Intel Math Kernel Library: Sequential (/Qmkl:sequential)

Format Specifiers in Fortran Project in Visual Studio 2015

I recently upgraded my development environment  from MSVS 2010 with the Intel Fortran 2013 compiler to MSVS 2015 with the Intel 2016 Fortran compiler and was trying to use some functionality to debug my code that doesn't seem to be working with my new setup. Under the old MSVS 2010 environment, if I wanted to view a watch variable with a different format I could use the format specifiers that were built into Visual Studio.

Where are license files after installation of Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++ Linux


I installed Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Linux yesterday. After invoking the environment by sourcing the appropriate compilersvars script, I inspected the environment, and noted the variable $INTEL_LICENSE_FILE:



WM_HELP not always working

I have the following code snippet in many dialogs - and most work and call Help.
When stop the code I find WM_HELP is decimal 83 (HEX 53)
In just a few cases WM_HELP is not working and Help is not being called.
I have added some code to see what key is being pressed and is says decimal 260/261,
HEX 104/105 - key up/key down (not HEX 53).
I'm not sure why in most cases it is working, but in a few it is not. Is there any other setting that is not causing it to work?

How to use OpenGL with media sdk server (Linux)


I've started a new thread, after the old threads not been resolved yet.

We develop application which does the following:

1. Encode multiple video  streams
2. Deliver graphic images from multiple streams --> fpga --> display (from fpga)
3. Using media sdk server on Linux

The 2nd above need to support OpenGL.
As far as I understand to support OpenGL we must use the GPU.

I would plea like to know:

call subroutine in dll A from subroutine in dll B

I have some LAPACK routines (F95 or F77?) in a DLL and write some stubs to cal the LAPACK routines that I call  from C#
I put those stubs in another DLL.
At least, that's the general idea to solve the problem of having to recompile ALL the Fortran many times, when I put everything in one DLL.
I want to build the LAPACK dll only once and develop the stubs separately.
How would I do this calling of the LAPACK routines?

I was pointed to "modules" and to "loadlibrary" which seem to be quite different approaches.

Is kernel patches from SDK already in main ubuntu kernel?


It seems that patches from kernel 3.14.5 already in kernel version like 4.4.*

Is it true? I've just try to apply patches to newer kernels but they are can not be applied (but it's normal) and after read some code I see that the code in kernel looks close to patches :)

Am I misunderstand and kernel 4.4.* not ready to work with quicksync out of the box or not? 

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