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Fortran with C

Hi everybody,

I use intel visual fortran composer xe 2013 with VS2012.

I have 3 questions:

1-I have a problem debugging a simple fortran code that calls a C function. When i compile the fortran code on VS2012 i get the following message: Error    2     error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _print_C referenced in function _MAIN__    Source1.obj.  I attached the fortran and c files.

How do I properly create a dll?


I am attempting to create dll files in Fortran.  If I am not mistaken, I am supposed to export a .dll file from my project, which is a .f90 file as opposed to a .dll file, in order for another program (written in Basic) to link to it.  To get things started, I have made a simple program in Fortran that goes as follows:

! TestDLL.f90 

are include statements in subroutines safe for mutithreading?


This may the the first of many questions about running or rewriting an application with

ThreadModel Free  ( the application works fine in ThreadModel Apartment)

I upgraded to visual fortran compiler XE 15.04.221 , but still using IA-32 build. 


I have read that COMMON blocks are a problem for multithreading because they can

lead to racing , is that correct??

So when now passing arrays between subroutines on the subroutine argument list

instead of in common blocks, does the use of include statements in subroutines

Compilation of Multi-fortran files in one visual studio project 2

Hi  Everyone,

I m using  Developer studio with visual fortran 6.  I have a code with many  fortran projetcs:     one main project and the others are

Modules containing subroutine. This code run perfectly  when using  linux.

The problem occurs when i try to compile it using VF (Windows).

I think  the problem comes to  the  fact there is no link between my file or  the compilation order is not respect at all.

May be  i m wrong, and i need i least to dismiss  this possibility. 

Cannot finalize the result: Insufficient memory

I use the 2013 update 12 version and I have this issue while profiling a huge application. It seems that the finalisation process reach the 32bits limit of intel amplifier and I could not find a 64bits of intel amplifier XE gui.

Is there a solution? Why not provide a 64bits guid executable? I am only interested in the resolution of a few module, can I exclude the other (I did not find how to do it)?

This is critical as it means that intel amplifier is useless for my team as our application as outgrow the capacity of VTune.

Доступ к серверной базе данных на основе архитектуры REST с помощью приложения Android*

Автор: MICHAEL R. (Intel) 11 февраля 2015 г.


В этой статье описывается способ предоставления доступа к серверной базе данных REST с помощью приложения Android* с использованием СУБД MongoDB* и платформы Spring IO*.

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  • ifort 15 compile time error with adj3.f90

    Hi there


    ifort -o adj3 adj3.f90 -stand=f03
    adj3.f90(190): error #6303:
    The assignment operation or the binary expression operation is
    invalid for the data types of the two operands. [A]
      adj = a

    when compiling adj3.f90 downloaded from here:

    Any idea?


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