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How to compile and run a parrallel program using intel visiual fortan compiler for windows

I'm good at programming using FORTRAN language, but I'm a new bird using intel visiual fortan compiler for windows. Can you tell me how to compile and run a parrallel program (ie. test.f or test.f90 in C:\program files (x86)\intelSWTools\compilers_and_libraries_2016.0.110\windows\mpi\test\) using intel visiual fortan compiler for windows? Thanks!

PHP - the right tool for the job?

Today there is a profusion of computer languages targeted at different activities. It's important to choose the right one. A lot of programmers love Python because it's so fast to implement stuff, but it can be a pain to use to create a simple website. PHP is the most popular choice for implementing active content in a website. And it's rather obvious once you dig into it. As you create your web page in HTML, PHP code is very easy to stick into the HTML, such that when the page is rendered, the code is run.

unexpected ?potrf subroutine failure


I need to generate a gaussian correlated noise based on a covariance matrix with fortran. I am using spotrf subroutine to do the cholesky decomposition. However, the decomposition is always failed at a specific row of input matrix. As the reference indicates, it means the leading minors of that row is not positive definite. But previous work with the same data in matlab chol function shows that the matrix is positive definite.

Manage Host Information

I recently upgraded my maintenance renewal for another year and went to the registration page and everything looked OK.
Then I clicked "upgrade" and the S/N changed and now I need to re-activate the new S/N.
I didn't even want (or need) a new S/N, now I am not sure of the status of my subscription, etc.
I activated the new license and even got the license file for the new S/N, but where's the "Manage Host Information"?
What if my computer changes to have a new MAC address?
How do you change the "Host Information"?


Hi all I am using the following code to create a new file PROGRAM TEST_IO INTEGER*4 UNIT,IOS OPEN (UNIT=119, FILE = '$HOME/compile.log', IOSTAT = IOS, - STATUS = 'NEW', RECL = 132, FORM = 'FORMATTED', - RECORDTYPE = 'VARIABLE', ORGANIZATION = 'SEQUENTIAL', - CARRIAGECONTROL = 'FORTRAN') PRINT *,IOS END PROGRAM Here HOME(/home/my_name) is an environment variable.When I execute this code I am always getting the IOS as 46.Without using a function to get the value of the environment variable, Can I solve this issue?

Is the Intel® IPP Asynchronous C/C++ library included in the standard IPP library?

I have searched the site quite rigorously but have been unable to determine for sure if the asynchronous library described here ( is available as part of the library downloaded from here (

BSOD running WIn32 sample_multi_transcode.exe on Windows 8.1


I have been recieving BSOD when running our software application which uses H264 hardware decoding on the following laptop.

DELL Inspiron 17 5749

Windows 8.1

Intel Core i5-5200U

Intel HD Graphics 5500 (Driver Ver:

Because I was not recieving BSOD with the same application on my Lenovo laptop

Lenovo U430 Touch

Windows 8.1

Intel Core i5-4210U

Intel HD Graphics 4400 (Driver Ver:

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